the return
2004-03-08 15:40:13 ET


2004-03-08 15:41:18 ET

He's back and has a new laptop!
Welcome back.

2004-03-08 15:42:06 ET

how'd you know??

2004-03-08 15:43:21 ET

Party up at Gus' house!

and you posted about getting a new laptop, punk!

2004-03-08 15:44:43 ET

Aww we missed you. Well I did, can't speak for anyone else...

2004-03-08 15:45:05 ET

Bio is right I just knew from reading =P

2004-03-08 15:51:26 ET

bio: party up!

insubordinate: i missed you too!!!!

excessive: wow, i didnt know anyone read this thing

2004-03-08 16:12:37 ET

who are you again? :P

2004-03-08 16:32:21 ET

WooHoo! Of course we read it! :) We love you!

2004-03-08 19:02:00 ET

Congratulations for once again making it back up to the TOP ROW of my list on SK!! ^_^ Welcome back!

2004-03-09 08:55:55 ET

hi! :)

2004-03-09 12:12:11 ET

thanks guys <3

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