ramen noodles
2004-03-17 15:18:18 ET

my good friends matt and renee had another baby girl. born yesterday. a plump one: 9 lbs 12 oz. amelia elizabeth collins. imma go visit her this weekend.

2004-03-17 15:19:58 ET

Babies are so cute ^_^

I havent seen you post for EVER... we're on at diffffferent times I suppose. Weird tho, since Im on like 24/7 :)

2004-03-17 15:29:17 ET

Awe!! Glad to see you, sweetheart!

2004-03-17 16:31:58 ET

awwwww! hehe. awesome. babies are wonderful.

2004-03-18 12:30:23 ET

thank you all my sweet ladies of SK.

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