symbiotic live
2004-04-03 03:54:38 ET

hey all

SYMBIOTIC will be appearing at batcave on saturday april 10
we'll take the stage at 10:30pm

be there!

2004-04-03 05:24:51 ET


2004-04-03 11:09:20 ET

Guess what...April 10th is my birthday! But have fun at your show, I'm sure it'll rock.

2004-04-03 13:38:06 ET

Well dear.. if I was anywhere NEAR the east coast, you can bet I'd be there... hope it goes well!!

2004-04-03 19:35:50 ET

bio: cool beans

insub: happy birthday! i hope you have fun too ;-)

IA: i wish you could come!

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