black and blue
2004-05-20 15:56:53 ET

anyone going out to the black and blue ball tonight?

2004-05-20 16:21:13 ET

NO! go alone and CRY CUZ YOU'RE SO LONELY!@&(*&#%^$!!$%

i miss you gus.

2004-05-20 20:52:40 ET

I'm not cool enough to go. :[

2004-05-21 14:29:43 ET

jesse: i am so lonely!

bio: you mean you are too cool to go

2004-05-21 14:34:53 ET

That's what I meant.
I'm above all that fetish nonsense.

2004-05-21 21:08:33 ET

so above. cuz you love the top.

gus. soon. we shall have to drink someplace. in public.

2004-05-22 17:34:10 ET

bio: yea, fetish is for suckers

jesse: sounds good

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