seatbelts optional
2004-11-05 13:40:53 ET

stuck at work up others shit. it's my fault, really - i'm the only one who seems interested in finishing projects.

got my car back from the shop, looks great. they did a bangin job.

hmm, what to have for dinner?

2004-11-05 19:20:14 ET

seatbelts are stupid.

2004-11-06 07:06:17 ET

so you goiing to laibach?

2004-11-06 07:51:05 ET

probably not.
don't want to spend all that bling on a train ride.
'cause. that's a lot of train rides.

2004-11-06 07:57:06 ET

hmmm. thats too bad. you sucker

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