2006-08-25 12:56:35 ET

i'm no conspiricy theorist, but i find the timing of this jon bennet murderer story very odd.

w. bush is on the verge of being exposed for authorizing illegal wiretaps, then bam! this leads me to believe they knew the wherabouts if this criminal all along (if indeed he did it) and the feds have been waiting to use it as a diversion. everytime w. bush looks like he will lose some credibility, another random totally tabloid story breaks. coincidence? hmmm i wonder.

2006-08-25 14:30:02 ET

OFF TOPIC: I really like your band. I added it to my myspace.

2006-08-25 14:33:40 ET

..and then i read the blog.. lol. awww.

2006-08-25 18:49:54 ET

What happens in Thailand stays in Thailand.
The issue isn't whether you're paranoid, Gus, the issue is whether you're paranoid enough,

Also, Symbiotic sucks hxxxc.

2006-08-25 20:07:59 ET

I also doubt the validity of this supposed confession, but not for the same reasons.
As a student of true crime, I just find it odd after all these years of seeming directionless investigating, with time wasted on the easy, apparant target, i.e the parents, that suddenly out of the woodwork comes this random man who confesses to the crime.
I certainly hope they have some evidence against this man and are not soley basing this on his confession, look at any violent crime that gets a lot of publicity, tons of mentally ill people and those just looking for fame any way they can get it will confess to a crime no matter how horrendous.
Eh, but I do digress. ~_^

2006-08-26 09:08:57 ET

From what I understand , the initial investigaters botched the crime scene so badly that it will never be posible to prove anything about any suspected perp or even arrive at one. They are left with waiting for some one to walk up and say "I did it" because they have not been competent to do otherwise. As to Bush, he has the authority under the patriot act and various other prior presidential powers and national security acts to do what he has done and in fact every other president before him HAS done the same, it is NOT new.

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