weekend report
2002-09-09 09:55:42 ET

friday: funhouse
saturday: batcave
drunk both nights
going to chicago on wed. ruturning friday
going to new orleans for halloween
work sucks as usual
end transmission

2002-09-09 12:24:23 ET

pretty busy weekend!

2002-09-09 20:07:52 ET

yes, it was. how was yours?

2002-09-10 02:48:00 ET

hella busy as well
getting ready to go on a trip today!!
aughghg too tired zzzzz

2002-09-10 06:58:49 ET

nice! to where?

2002-09-16 08:43:39 ET

Dear Syko is in merry old England right now.
I've never been to the BatCave, but I have seen to the Batman Action Theatre at Six Flags... Watching middle aged men wearing loose plastic abs. Mmm...

2002-09-16 09:22:27 ET

lol. plastic abs! six flags creeps me out. and it's a rip-off! bastids

2002-09-16 09:26:48 ET

Heh. It's right next to Cal Arts, so we took a five minute bus ride there. The food was a rip off, chicken strips and fries for eight dollars?! I just survived on Popcorn and churros. The experience was enjoyable soley because of the Batman Action Theatre and dancing to the "Techno" music in Riddler's Revenge. Don't go on the Goldrusher! You'll wet yourself in terror...

2002-09-16 10:36:52 ET

no worries...i'm done with thrill rides. gotta hear the riddler techno music tho

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