good intentions
2002-09-18 08:44:21 ET

why 50 year old ladies want to take me home with them, i have no idea. yesterday was not a good day. unbearably loney and despondant. today isnt shaping up all that well, either. all i wanna do is go home and sleep. smoked a cigar last night...some random dude offered me one last night. seemed like a good idea at the time. it wasnt. i feel sick today and i sure thats the cause. supposed to hang out with matt and colin tonight...but i dont feel up for it. next week maybe. i need to quit smoking. i did once, i can do it again dammit!

2002-09-18 08:47:09 ET

Ahhh... quitting is not easy.
50 year old ladies are easy... heheh
BTW - is your avatar a picture of YOU?

2002-09-18 09:23:06 ET

it is him.... kinda.. without the stripes. unless he got facial tats in the last couple weeks ::giggles::

2002-09-18 09:56:11 ET

i wish i had the facial markings! i wanna make stencils so that i can apply them! but yea, underneath all that, it is me. but imagine me wearing thick framed nerd glasses. and short spiky hair. its sort of an old pic...from 6 months ago.

2002-09-18 12:51:38 ET

(I love digging up innapropriatley old journal entries 'cause I didn't get a chance to comment on 'em when they were brand new!)

I want an easy older lady. :[

Insomnia, do you know any older ladies? :[

2002-09-19 09:41:54 ET

I don't know any ladies at all Bio, how many times do I have to tell you? The only girls I talk to are Storm and Rayne, and Rayne has vanished from my world. ..

2002-09-19 09:44:01 ET

And we all know that STORM is no lady.

2002-09-19 09:45:15 ET

see? none left, except for the one that one of Rayne's boifriends is trying to *uninvite* from my party.

2002-09-19 09:48:07 ET

storm, at least you LOOK like a lady. the one from the bar looked more like a man than anything else. she had a cute dog tho. i'd rather take the dog home than her! -shivers-

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