what dreams may come
2002-09-19 09:57:55 ET

i had a dream i'd like to record here before i forget: i ran into a girl i know from LJ and batcave on the street and we started hanging out. then we went to the Met and they had this HUGE display which looked like the opening to an egyptian temple. and off in the distance, i could see pyramids and such which i assume is a backdrop painting. then we go inside and there is all this egyptian stuff on display. i wander the museum and find parts still under construction. and a huge library with all these really awesome ancient books. i get back to the lobby and there is a table full of hot rivet chicks litening to a lecture. about what i have no idea...but i get it into my head that i can will myself to fly! and i DO! just for about 10 seconds and not much control. i imagined each footstep getting lighter and lighter until my feet didn't touch the ground anymore. all the rivet chicks clap when i hit the floor. then all of a sudden, i am at the bombing of nagasaki. i follow the bombers out of japan (with my newly discovered flight powers, i am assuming) and destroy one of them. the other one gets away. then all of a sudden I am flying the other bomber...which i crash cause i don't know how to fly. the end. i have no idea if this means anything at all.

2002-09-19 10:06:52 ET

Whoa at first I missed the part about this being a dream....

2002-09-19 10:11:43 ET

LMFAO! yea...it's a pretty crucial bit of information

2002-09-19 10:15:30 ET

correct me if im wrong, but i thought there was only one plane when the atomic bomb fell on nagasaki...

2002-09-19 10:19:20 ET

i dont know about that...i always thought there were two...just in case

2002-09-19 10:21:20 ET

i think maybe a couple of escort planes until they got near the target, but im sure they were trying not to draw too much attention...ill have to look it up now.

2002-09-19 10:35:44 ET

ok, let me know...now i'm curious about it myself

2002-09-19 11:04:21 ET

did you perhaps eat something before you slept that may have caused this dream?

2002-09-19 11:07:05 ET

no...but i watched a documentary about ancient egyptian women of power before going to bed...which would explain all the egyptian stuff.

2002-09-19 11:09:53 ET

ahh yes.

2002-09-19 14:15:22 ET

Interesting dream! I love ones where you can will your self to fly.:) I don't think the dream had any meaning past your brain filing information though. Still interesting nonetheless....

2002-09-19 14:49:41 ET

I've had those a few times. I keep running, and the more i kick my legs, the higher/faster I go. it's crazy.

2002-09-19 21:55:03 ET

i love remembering dreams where i can i can fly...-sigh-
i'm remembering less and less dreams, i regret to report.

2002-09-19 22:54:49 ET

most of my dreams i don't really remember, unless there was something odd that stuck out in my head.

2002-09-20 10:26:58 ET

Yes...I too am remembering less and less of my dreams...which is really sad because I used to remember them in such great detail.( :(I do remember flying a bit in the dream I had last night which was really bizzare...I'd relay what happened but I should be heading out the door right now. Just so I remember I'll leave notes....
*marching around,given compact
*construction area collapsing flying around curve in road

2002-09-20 10:30:05 ET

can't wait to hear the full dream

2002-09-21 23:47:37 ET

:) Alright...as promised I'm finnally getting around to it! Although after leaving such a build up I doubt it's going to be that exciting...:P

I remember I was in some sort of military organization. I remember thinking "well this doesn't suit me, what am I doing envolved in something like this!?". All the while marching around with others in fatigues. The group I was with was marching through this camp where we stopped at these different booths and gathered various supplies. I strapped some knives onto my belt, and tucked a small blade into my boot. We got to a both where the commanding officer had all the female troops move forward and grab makeup and frilly dresses. I was confused by this at first but then began to get the impression that I was going to be utilized in some sort of covert opperation. I wasn't really pleased with this as from what I was understanding they were going to position us as prostitutes. So, as soon as I got an oppertunity I snuck away from the group. When I got a decent way from the camp I began to run. I entered a construction area where very large buildings were being built. It was night but there were still workers up on scaffolding. They took notice of me and I got the feeling that this would mean I would be caught. So I made my self fly. I knew this would freak them out enough that they would think it a halusionation. If not whomever they reported it to certainly would. I remember thinking that the curve in the road with the skelital structors looked really beautiful. Although it also filled me with dread...I thought "will they ever stop building? Even the animals are all dead now. Maybe I should destroy what's being built?". I realized they would just build again, and it would only serve to waste the materials being used. I kept flying...until I passed it all. I got to this area where I noticed there was a swingset. I sat down and began to swing...after a while I realized I should keep moving...and then I woke up.

I'm surprized I remember that much...really strange..

2002-09-22 00:35:51 ET

very interesting acc.

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