gone away
2002-09-23 06:13:46 ET

the weekend was a total waste. all i did was go clubbing on saturday night. and that's IT. got too drunk. must cut back on the alcohal next time. another week looms ahead of me. going to syracuse for the weekend. hoorah. it'll be good to get out of the city for a bit. but i know i'll be dying to get back after one day. got choked up watching the end of armageddon last night. what a dork i am. i am such a sentimental sucker. sigh.

2002-09-23 07:17:28 ET

Cutting back an the Alchy-hol isn't the answer!

2002-09-23 07:20:49 ET

heh, it was good times...but the next day...ugh.

2002-09-23 07:22:38 ET

Yeah, I hear ya.

*burps tequila*

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