reason 2.0
2002-09-24 05:44:03 ET

so last night was spent struggling with my new hardware emulator, reason 2.0. couldn't get it to record shit, then i found out from jarv that i can only step record...or go and get a midi interface. i've step recorded before...but it's a tedious task. anyway, i plan to read the manual thouroghly today...and try the tutorial later this week. bummed that i'll miss the party at justines. sigh. in other news, gave the new symbiotic track "disintigrated" to ian fford and dj cyn on saturday. so maybe i'll be hearing it in rotation soon. work calls.

2002-09-24 05:53:17 ET

hey gus its lorraine!!!!
i've been playing with Reason 2.0 too... i think its cute how when you hit 'tab' it flips around and the wires bounce... unfortunately you do need a MIDI interface if you wanna do more than step record.. i have a shitty YamahaDJX (which is something your grandparents buy you when theyve figured out you make that 'techno music') but i got a USB midisport 2x2... it works fine but i have the sound card i got WITH my computer (which is one of those neat looking black Dells, unfortunately its over a year old) and Reason skips when i try to record real-time... so i'm doomed to step recording too... I'm sure you know Chris Muzykant (aka Doktor242, aka DoktorBoring) He is a Reason expert as well as a Mac user and can probably help you with any questions you have... he's teaching me the program but of course that comes with the 'you should get a Mac' sales pitch (NEVER!!!) anyways he can be found here ... have fun away this weekend sounds like you're getting tired of the same old same old.. i havent been out clubbing 'cuz i've been sick....

take care gus


2002-09-24 06:02:36 ET

yea, maybe i'll have to tap into the doktor's knowledge. heh. have fun at the party! i wish i could be there! i'll be in spirit! and get a mac dammit! they are so much better! anyway, i hope that you are feeling better soon. we gotta hang out at buttcave!!!!

2002-09-25 16:47:23 ET

She'll fold one day.

You'll see. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!

I was actually thinking of having a bunch of peeps together for a Reason clinic. Maybe we'll all go to someone's place, and you guys can ply me with booze and sushi, and i'll reveal my evil Reason wisdom.

hell yes.

2002-09-25 16:48:25 ET

great idea! now we can swap files for remixes!

2002-09-25 16:50:52 ET

w00t!!! Reason's my #1 tool anyway.

Hey, I have Ableton Live 1.5 if you need it.

2002-09-25 16:53:41 ET

ok, whats that do?

2002-09-25 16:57:19 ET

It's kinda like Acid, but for Mac OS X.

2002-09-25 16:58:25 ET

nice! i am totally interested!

2002-09-25 16:59:45 ET

Cool. The only thiing is, you need access to a Pee Cee or Virtual PC to run the Keygen.

Other than that, I got ya covered.

2002-09-25 17:14:51 ET

damn! i knew there was a catch. but yea, i still want it. thanks.

2002-09-25 17:27:41 ET

Of course, I have virtual PC as well.... ;)

2002-09-26 15:28:48 ET

it is as a wolf in sheeps clothing

2002-09-26 15:55:08 ET

i need everything!!!!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!!

er, hey lorraine

2002-09-26 16:14:01 ET

y0 gus

2002-09-26 17:21:50 ET

have fun at the party tomorrow!!!!

2002-09-28 14:55:16 ET


2002-09-29 20:12:27 ET

hoorah! what a great idea! i was there is spirit!

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