wreath of barbs
2002-09-25 06:00:06 ET

wowzers. i am hung over. got together with matt and colin last night at bar 61. had a few beers. gave a copy of reason to matt to play around with. we talked shop mostly, and about ICBM..the industrial cover band we are working on. i have been assigned to make the backing track to join in the chant by nitzer ebb. should be interesting. after the bar, we went to colin's and had some absinthe. now, it is good shit...got me nice and fucked... but there is no hangover worse than an absinthe one. i feel dizzy.

2002-09-25 07:54:27 ET


2002-09-25 08:17:00 ET

question? or confusion?

2002-09-25 08:27:44 ET

confusion about the whole thing, i guess im just retarded or i was thinking about something else while i was reading.....

2002-09-25 09:10:03 ET

what specifically confused you? i'll try to clarify if i can.

2002-09-25 12:19:53 ET

hangovers are such a bitch

2002-09-25 16:34:29 ET

no doubt! and i went out again tonight. i am such a sucker! but hey, carpe diem! you only get one life, make it count!

2002-09-25 16:49:24 ET

aww, what we did tonight barely counts as going out.

No one puked, noone woke up next to an unfamiliar person, and there were no bodies to hide or hookers to pay hush money to.

*um, yeah.

2002-09-25 16:51:47 ET

yea, it was a light night. i couldnt take any more. we were all exhausted or sick...well except for you and biomechanic. next time, we'll have to blow it out.

2002-09-26 04:56:41 ET


2002-09-26 05:34:23 ET

it worked? great!

2002-09-26 06:01:06 ET

Purrrfectly. I was up way too late finishing work I've been waiting on. Thanks so much. *Curtsey*. It was a pleasure meeting you as well.

2002-09-26 06:03:57 ET

this makes me happy

2002-09-26 06:04:20 ET

HAY!! Aren't you supposed to be working, my little friend?

2002-09-26 06:05:10 ET

what do mean 'little'? lol.
yea, i am at work...but you know how it is ;P

2002-09-26 06:06:39 ET

Ha! I guess you aren't one I can put in that box, hmm?
Moi aussi. I should be working as well... you know how it is. :) Clearly.

2002-09-26 06:08:44 ET

what's work without a wee bit of sk.net action?

2002-09-26 06:12:10 ET

Productive work, I think. Oy'...

2002-09-26 06:19:03 ET

i actually do have to start working very soon :( blah

2002-09-26 08:21:55 ET

I downloaded Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX last night. Prepare for sleepless nights from me, snd dumb questions for you. ;)

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