when harry met sk.net
2002-09-26 05:41:33 ET

um certain people in portland suck my ass. the ny sk.net crew are an interesting lot. i can tell that they all have good hearts and that is what is important. went to harry's burritos which was 'close' to justines work. i personally wouldn't have used to word 'close' myself but then doktor242 will probably yell at me if he reads this. (it was his idea) anyway, i called it an early night. but it was a pleasure hanging out with insomnia, death by design, doktor242, biomechanic and storm (who i met for the first time) next time will hopefully be better because the circumstances will be different. time to go sit on my ass and 'work'

2002-09-26 12:24:17 ET


And this was our first real meeting, anyways..

Thanks for the other half of your burrito. Hehe.

2002-09-26 13:59:32 ET

You thought that wasn't close?

Remimnd me not to bring you on one of my cd shopping/pub crawls.


2002-09-26 14:28:18 ET

Haha, it's really sad, all the good CD stores are in walking distance. Well, they're close in the sense of the word.

And they're quality is still not so high and still very expensive%T^!#

2002-09-26 14:29:42 ET

bio: dude, you are a growing young man...you need all the burrito you can get

doktor: i was told that harry's was 'down the street' HA!

2002-09-26 15:47:40 ET

it would have been "close" if i had slept more than two hours

2002-09-26 15:48:57 ET

ok who all thinks STORM KICKS ASS? can i get an amen my brothers?

2002-09-26 15:57:13 ET


2002-09-26 16:03:46 ET

You think if I don't say "Amen" she'll kick my ass for free?

2002-09-26 16:29:10 ET

she kept giving you all these *cute* looks

2002-09-26 17:19:55 ET

Storm = goddess.

2002-09-28 15:01:48 ET


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