cubicle city
2002-10-02 05:08:52 ET

ahh, my last day at DK for this week. helpimg out with their spring catalog and whatnot. cubicles are death! coincidentally, i was reading dilbert last night before going to bed. not much to report at all this week. i uploaded a pic of the brooklyn bridge which i took on monday. for those who don't know, i am a yankee fan so i am glad they won last night in their playoff game against anaheim. trying to finesse my funds so that i won't be flat broke for new orleans. that would totally blow. anyway, i hope all of you are doing great. toodles.

2002-10-02 20:43:34 ET

The Yankees , aren't they that baseball team who lost the 2001 series to the Arizona Diamondbacks? ;)

2002-10-03 05:33:16 ET

yes! i was shocked and saddened!

2002-10-04 07:06:08 ET

Pay her no mind, she lives in Arizona. It doesn't rain there, the dryness does things to their brains. ;)

2002-10-04 07:22:54 ET

arizona eh? ha, i should've known! the enemy!

bah, i blame andy pettite for the series loss. it was a good series nevertheless.

2002-10-04 11:02:42 ET

Yeah Christopher, but you forgot to mention I'm from the Boston area. The Red Sox will always be first in my heart, but they're cursed and I'm told the Yankees are evil. ;)

It was one of the best series I've ever seen.

2002-10-04 11:05:21 ET

and a sox fan to boot! -shun-


2002-10-04 20:19:56 ET

She's deranged, something in that Boston water....


2002-10-05 04:41:41 ET

um, you guys related or something? sounds a bit like a family feud going on here.

2002-10-05 11:17:59 ET


2002-10-05 12:09:20 ET

nah, we're just good friends.

2002-10-05 12:28:18 ET

That we are.:)

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