with malice toward none
2002-10-09 09:54:07 ET

watched two parts of ken burn's "the civil war" last night. i felt so bad that i am too broke to give to the station. i don't often watch PBS or tv in general, but i feel it is a worthy cause. just another thing to do when i'm rich one day. ha. anyway, i got sucked in becasue i am a sucker for documentaries, and it just so happen to coincide with the book i am currently reading. 'with malice toward none' a biography of abraham lincoln.

hm, opened up reason and just stared at it for about an hour before closing it again. i HATE step recording everything...it makes it so techinical and UN-fun.

also called my mom about going to visit the family this coming monday. havent seen them in awhile so it's time pay my dues, i guess.

2002-10-09 10:50:39 ET

Did you know I sneaky downloaded some songs of your band? :P
It's good

2002-10-09 12:15:10 ET

why thanks roza! for that you are added to my friends list.

your english continues to be cute >.<

2002-10-10 06:11:53 ET

It think my english is weird because I do it on the Dutch way, well, at school I always have good results from tests :):)

2002-10-10 06:38:36 ET

hey, i admire you for it! i can't even begin to write dutch or german or any other language for that matter. i have always envied europian superiority when it comes to languages. i am only teasing...but in a good natured way :)

btw: which one of our songs did you like?

2002-10-10 08:02:49 ET

I like them ALL!!
I've got Paradaise Lost on my telephone now, it can play mp3's so :)
Your music is really really good :)

2002-10-10 08:37:21 ET

wow! thank you so much! i am so happy that someone likes it! that is an awesome phone that you have!

2002-10-10 10:24:55 ET

It's the nokia 5510 :)
Yeah I really like it, it's so awesome :)
My compliments, I bet you will be famous :)

2002-10-10 11:00:24 ET

HA! i wish! those songs are 4-6 years old already. i am working on some new ones which are much better! (with a new project called symbiotic)

2002-10-11 03:45:14 ET

I want to hear some of them :)

2002-10-11 06:20:41 ET

ok...we only have one song finished. i'm working on uploading it to the internet. thanks for your interest!

2002-10-12 10:06:07 ET

When its on the internet inform me about it, IŽd like to hear it!

2002-10-12 14:26:44 ET

ok :)

2002-10-13 06:21:39 ET

(By te way, I just downloaded some trackof your band at my boyfriend's home, he likes your music too ';P)

2002-10-13 10:19:59 ET

yay! thanks again roza! i feel happy

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