2002-10-10 12:27:50 ET

after reading a significant portion of the biography of lincoln, i have reaffirmed a couple of thoughts which are recurring themes in my mind. first, we as americans have lost the ability to be eloquent of thought and words. i fear with every generation, this country gets dumber and more ignorant. just look at who is president now! i long for the days when politics mattered, when there were principles worth standing for, when people got involved and cared for the future. look at us now. despondant, uninformed, apathetic, lazy and selfish. secondly, i had not realized how close this nation was to being a slave-owning state IN ITS ENTIRETY! what a frightening and bizaare thought! it scared me. and yet, we have these types of bigots in positions of power. i am thankful for our rights but saddened that we have done so little with them.

2002-10-10 15:54:03 ET

where do you live?

2002-10-10 18:52:11 ET

new york city! specifically, the borough of brooklyn. brooklyn!!!!!!

2002-10-11 18:12:17 ET

i want to go NY.

2002-10-11 22:51:09 ET

well, come visit! i'll take good care of you

2002-10-12 10:12:29 ET

haha promise?:)

2002-10-12 14:27:57 ET

of course :)

2002-10-12 17:03:25 ET

that sounds good. in that case i would LOVE to come.

2002-10-12 17:07:13 ET

ok, just let me know!

2002-10-12 17:24:41 ET

is brooklyn near rochester?

2002-10-13 00:17:30 ET

not really.. kind of.. it depends on your definition of 'near to..'' and azrael's hospitality is unparalleled.. he's really one of the nicest (if not the nicest) new yorker i know...

and on topic... it should say enough that its common knowledge that all newspapers are written on a 3rd grade reading level (with the exception of the wall st journal, which is written at an ambitious 6th grade level)

2002-10-13 00:33:57 ET

rochester! no, thats about 9 hours away.

well thanks lorraine! thats sweet of you to say!

yea, its depressing. we need to step up and be better! we can't continue this downward slide into ignorance!

2002-10-13 05:13:07 ET

i used to blame my downward slide on THE DRUGS when i was in florida then i realized it was actually my company. now i like to keep the company of ppl who are smarter than me in at least one way that i can look up to... Insomnia has her frikkin masters from fordham... doktor242 and daskreestof are musically way ahead of me in the game (okay so they've had more time but still).. you're a graphic designer... i cant really say much for the kids in jersey except they are more rivet than me... hehe

2002-10-13 10:23:29 ET

having good people around is definately a good idea. i dont blame anything on the drugs. i think drugs are fun...and thats it.

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