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2002-10-17 06:04:10 ET

work work work. that is all that is in my future for the next 2 weeks. well at least that will make my time in new orleans feel like a true vacation. working for DK again, both in marketing and editorial. they are kinda overlapping so i'll have to do work at home. this does not make me happy. the only payoff, of course being the fat check i hope to recieve.

music stuff: so assemblage 23 will NOT be coming to new york. this disappoints me. HA! anyway, they claim the new york crowd is not 'enthusiastic' enough for them to play here. WTF! well, kiss my ass!

also...some popular/non-industrial music that i like: everlast, weezer, linkin park, morcheeba, delerium, conjure one, the cult, garbage, underworld

speaking of which, i am again disappointed that i am missing underworld. they are 'playing' this friday at hammerstein ballroom, i believe. too much work!

2002-10-17 06:22:09 ET

Hi, I just wanted to say: work sucks!

But you won't get money for free..

2002-10-17 09:08:23 ET

yep, money aint free. and if work were fun, they'd call it play and make you pay them!

2002-10-17 09:38:40 ET

Yeah... you're right..
I wish I had a money tree though :)

2002-10-17 09:41:15 ET

lol, me too! i like having money. and lots of it. but i am not too materialistic ;P

2002-10-17 09:47:26 ET

If I had much money, I would buy really cool stuff!
But now I'm tired, and I can't think anymore so I don't know what kind of things I'd buy..

night :)

2002-10-17 09:54:56 ET

good night!

i would travel alot! i like to do that. and buy nice clothes. and computer/music stuff. i am a dork.

sleep well :)

2002-10-17 11:48:41 ET

If money were free, we'd all be freakin' communists.

Assemblage 23 is glad to dissapoint you and/or let you down.

YEAH. Hmm, I could go see Underworld if it doesn't sell out ...

Linkin Park... heh.

2002-10-18 05:30:11 ET

a23 did disappoint me those bastids. or is it just one guy?

anyway, i think underworld is sold out. but hey, i'm sure the scalpers will only ask for your firstborn so you'll be golden.

i blame tom for getting me into LP. and also system of a down

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