busy as fuck
2002-10-22 05:45:03 ET

my hell continues. anyhoo i havent had much time to post or comment due to the restrictions of on my time. i hope for relief soon. but i know that i am going to be busy for quite some time. damn. anyway, saturday at batcave was fun. an average night for me. sunday at the parents was good. good food, family stuff. now gotta get back to the salt mines. feh.

2002-10-22 08:26:37 ET

You need to go to Q's with us this weekend. If you go, *I* will buy *you* a drink. Ha!

2002-10-22 09:04:06 ET

holy shit! heh, we'll see. i havent been to q's in a LONG ass time. isnt saturday nights full of lamo jock trying to hit on goth chicks?

2002-10-22 09:36:24 ET

but we will all be there!!

2002-10-22 12:07:15 ET

yes, and the music is better!! much better

you must pick at least one of the following

1. come to web2zone tomorrow evening *sometime betwixt 7-12 for my birthday party*

2. come to q'z. preferably both.

2002-10-22 12:26:18 ET

Hopefully it will be lamo biomechanics trying to hit on gothchicks.

2002-10-22 13:23:48 ET

insomnia: i'll try

dbd: i'll definately stop by tomorrow

bio: at least you have a shot. those visor wearing thugs/jocks are just wasting their time!

2002-10-23 06:57:22 ET

I'm jealous at you, you have livejournal

2002-10-23 07:11:33 ET

hehe, don't be...its a pain!

2002-10-23 07:13:05 ET

Why? Never heard of it, being a pain

2002-10-23 10:30:09 ET

its a lot of work to keep updating it. now that i have this AND livejournal, i keep having keep them both current. so it is a pain. trust me. one journal is enough! i just have friends who dont have one or the other.

2002-10-24 18:56:59 ET

this one is better

and thanks for stopping by last night gus! you always brighten my day, and not just with your page's yellow background

2002-10-24 18:58:59 ET

haha! it was my pleasure! it was fun watching you kick ass in unreal tournament. sorry i had to leave but i have loads of unfinished work. which i should be doing now...feh.

2002-10-24 19:01:59 ET

i should be sleeping too i sign off soon i promise !!!

2002-10-24 19:09:37 ET

yea right! sk.net addict!

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