i see you praying
2002-11-05 12:42:25 ET

spent the day feeling doped up. (took a double shot of nyquil last night) took a half day at work. i want a cig so bad. but i officially quit on saturday. now i have more work to do here at home. joy. all i wanna do is lay down and sleep. crappy crap. and someone ate all my chex mix. bastards!!!!

2002-11-05 18:29:14 ET

are you in neuroplague?

2002-11-05 18:32:16 ET

yes! well we broke up this past year but i was in it til the bitter end

2002-11-05 18:33:46 ET

:been listening to yer mp3bies:

2002-11-05 18:35:23 ET

wow! i cant believe it! someone actually still listens to them! holy cow!

thank you so much! you have made me very happy!!!

2002-11-06 14:56:39 ET

how could u stop smoking.. im never going to stop...

2002-11-06 15:45:00 ET

just plain stubborn, i guess. once i get it into my head to do something, i just dont feel right givin up. though, i could really really really go for a smoke right now. i even dreamt about it! anyway, 4 days and counting! rah!

2002-11-07 21:13:40 ET

I totaly hear ya. I've been quit for a month now, and I'm still twitching. Good luck , though!

2002-11-08 05:24:03 ET

yo lenny! whats up? anyway, yea dawg i am hanging tough. i dreamt about smoking again! it gets a little bit easier every day. i think i can do it!

2002-11-08 07:43:57 ET

yeah, bro...you'll be alright.

2002-11-08 07:54:24 ET

you coming out to batcave on saturday?

2002-11-08 07:56:40 ET

yeah, I'm coming out for the Edgey/Aural Blasphemy show and maybe staying...gonna play it by ear.

2002-11-08 08:07:04 ET

i might be there if i am not too sick by then

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