love breeds suicide
2002-11-07 06:51:06 ET

stuck at home again. my flu or whatever has moved from my head into my chest. i feel a pressure there and have been coughing. pretty painful. i at least have my freelance work to keep me company. horrah for that. ug, hungry. anyone care to bring me some soup?

2002-11-07 07:03:20 ET

I'm sick too. It's going around...

2002-11-07 07:11:59 ET

it blows

2002-11-07 07:17:27 ET

Yeah, well, get better.

2002-11-07 08:23:28 ET

i hope so

2002-11-07 09:51:31 ET

get well soon :)

2002-11-07 12:19:16 ET

Give me your address and I'll hop on the train!

P.S. Insomnia, Storm, MechanicBiom, possibly others will be at Batcave this Saturday. Therefore: Feel better and come out.

2002-11-07 12:57:17 ET

I wanna go to the Batcave, that place sounds fun.

2002-11-07 13:23:24 ET

Dude, the Batcave is a farce.

I don't know why I keep going there.

2002-11-07 15:07:43 ET

i definately try to get it together to go. whats the occassion?

2002-11-07 16:10:59 ET

gus! are you gonna be at batcave on saturday??? im gonna try to come out, we havent chilled in a while!

2002-11-07 16:45:19 ET

yea dog, im gonna try and make it. i better get better soon though

2002-11-08 02:10:14 ET

The occassion is, uhh, Insomnia, Storm, and I (and possibly NACHTRICHTER, DEATHCONDITION, and WINTERMUTE) will be there.

Oh, and some one they like is playing there.

And I like Aural Blasphemy... and I can't make it to the 21+ show next week. :[

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