2002-11-08 12:55:58 ET

some new shit that ive heard recently:

covenant [northern light]
i thought it a bit strange at first but gets better with progressive listens. edging towards dark depeche mode with phat analog synths. warning: a lot of vocoder...this may be good or bad, considering your tastes. overall, a solid consistant effort. you'll find no dead stars here.

assemblage 23 single [document]
the origional is pretty good...the good ole A23 dance hit cookie cutter machine is still online. remixes of note: echo image: synthpop-tized with the obligatory female backing vocals in the chorus. icon of coil: uber dancified...similar to what they did for vnv genesis but not as hard. more moody feel, but that could just be the song. [dataseed]
pretty promising from what i have heard so far. caught their live show while in nawlins. not bad live either. i give these guys my full support. standout tracks=zionsank, thin ice, brittle

2002-11-08 20:36:09 ET

I thought Northern Light was just United States of Mind part 2. Nothing exciting.

I thought the A23 single was a farce. I hate to say it here ('cause I know a certain some one might read it), but the only track that came close to decent was the Haujobb mix.

And Cut.Rate.Box is awesome. As far as synthpoppy ladden ebm (eh, they're going future pop, might as well say it and just try to avoid being m0stest c0re for a bit), they're pretty good. Their first album has a bunch of guests (including the Das Ich guy singing in English ...)

2002-11-09 04:53:47 ET

i will have to go out on a limb and say that i disagree with you about northern light sounding like united states of mind pt2. agree to disagree.

as for a23, is difficult for me to defend the relative merits of a band which i hold little affinity for [especially since they decided to skip new york on their tour] thematically the song is terrible. whats he talking about...his birth cirtificate? who cares about that? all i said is this: the a23 dance hit formula is in full effect. would i dance to it? probably...cause i like to dance.

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