ok amp-let me out
2002-11-12 17:56:19 ET

will someone please come to my house and knock me unconcious? i have had it it with work. ive been doin freelance all night. my back aches, my neck aches. i want a cigarette, i wanna bust some heads. to make a long story short, i dont wanna work anymore!!!!!! but i must. no one is gonna do it for me. and since it is only due TOMORROW, why i better get to it and stop wasting time postin.

j@rv ftp'd the new symbiotic track to me last night. it sounds really hot. probably too much in the apop/vnv vein for all of you hard-ass sk.netters..but i think it'll be a good song in the end. need lyrics.

it was a beautiful day today. gloomy, rainy, windy. got soaked on the way home. wet to the point where you just dont give a shit anymore about being wet.

thinkin about a mini sk.net meet at my place one saturday night to pregame for batcave. drugs and alcohal. cheese and crackers. over and out.

2002-11-12 17:59:20 ET

I can't make it to the Batcave this Saturday. Cry.

Give me your home address.
And I got a brass knuckle with YOUR NAME ON IT!

2002-11-12 18:01:39 ET

i have no brass knuckle's but my roll of quarters work fine!

2002-11-12 18:13:33 ET

bio: oh well...maybe next week. yikes. brass knuckle! that wont leave a mark will it?

goul: ha! i'd just take your roll of quarters and buy some chips. ever since i quit smoking, ive been eating everything. hell, i'll just chomp on your roll of quarters!

2002-11-12 18:16:26 ET

cheese and crackers. count me in

2002-11-12 18:20:36 ET

damn..now i'll have to provide cheese and crackers

2002-11-13 09:04:30 ET

<---------- Batcaved out.

And the 23rd is taken - Cenobita/ L[C] show - you will be in NJ

2002-11-13 10:47:12 ET

oh right cenobita. i had forgotten. we'll just have to pregame at chris's

2002-11-13 11:38:02 ET

yeayaa! lol, yea we will party yo! definatly gotta arrange a pre-game party at your place sometime in the future though!

2002-11-13 11:38:26 ET

plus i wanna hear some of them tracks beeatch!

2002-11-13 11:55:12 ET

yea dawg! one day soon it will happen.

2002-11-13 12:04:06 ET


2002-11-13 15:02:02 ET

Beginning in December any pre-game party is welcome at DbDInsomnia apartment. We are close to transit, unlike some ::stares at die bonkt:: people. . . ::smiles::

2002-11-13 15:05:06 ET


2002-11-13 15:05:14 ET

who me? lol

2002-11-13 15:11:04 ET

i am close! to the city...well closer than chris

2002-11-17 20:28:34 ET

Can I knock you on your head?

2002-11-18 06:29:24 ET


2002-11-21 17:40:21 ET

Okay, I just realized how horribly...not right that sounded. *is now attempting to hit azrael over the head with a stick to correct herself*

2002-11-21 19:09:31 ET

hahaha lol! you so crazy!

2002-11-22 16:46:59 ET

Is work getting any better? I, at the moment am unemployed and hating life as a bum. lol. Well, it's not quite THAT bad.

2002-11-22 23:45:05 ET

i had a week of no freelance, so i am glad about that

2002-11-24 15:45:58 ET

ah. I see.

2002-11-24 16:01:13 ET

things'll turn around for you...hang in there

2002-11-28 15:39:45 ET

That's what they keep saying. I've been hanging for 2 years now. Somebody cut me down!

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