2002-11-14 14:55:41 ET

waiting for more work to arrive. i cant wait for this week to be over. then im going to rock it hardcore this weekend. been listening to covenant alot recently. i like. oops. gotta go put the laundry in the dryer.

o yea...almost done with 'to kill a mockingbird'. good book.

2002-11-14 14:56:53 ET

this weekend will be partying hartying.

oops i steal your laundry!

2002-11-14 15:00:16 ET

where? who? when?

2002-11-14 15:01:56 ET

ok. I won't be partying.
But I will be playing D&D with the guys.

2002-11-14 15:03:38 ET

thats almost like partying. im gonna play magic the gathering sarurday. go geek power!

2002-11-14 15:11:15 ET

Your geekiness totally outrivals mine.
Due to the fact we sit around and listen to martial music and be generally misogynistic. :X

2002-11-14 15:28:06 ET

i love that book...the movie is awsome too

2002-11-14 15:34:17 ET

yes i am a geek. i need a drink. must finish project so i can get one.

2002-11-14 16:17:10 ET

goul: yes, i am enjoying the book a LOT. good shit!

2002-11-14 16:22:32 ET

yea i read that book in school, and saw the movie lol, its pretty good... i liked it...

the new covenant is actually not bad eaither... i was expecting it to blow... as i liked their older stuff better... but its pretty good, as for being a geek... i used to play magic like it was going out of style years ago lol

2002-11-14 16:26:02 ET

their old stuff is awesome.
c'mon. feedback. that's an awesome song.

2002-11-14 16:26:43 ET

hell yea... feedback and tabula rasa are my fav's of that album

2002-11-14 16:27:05 ET

yea, im diggin the new covenant.

i never saw the movie though...

2002-11-14 16:28:55 ET

its pretty good, i saw the black and white version... ive always liked black and white movies better for some reason... there is something about the shitty production of a serious film that pulls me in hah

2002-11-14 16:30:19 ET

yea, its like listening to analog!!

2002-11-14 16:30:26 ET



2002-11-14 16:36:58 ET

hell yea bio!

2002-11-14 21:06:29 ET


2002-11-15 09:31:14 ET

haha! right on gus! good comparison!

2002-11-15 09:33:25 ET

dude, are you fired up for the cenobita show? i had a nightmare that i missed it y0.

and also, youo gotta check out the new rocc0 post. its funny as hell

2002-11-15 09:36:44 ET

hell yea im pumped for the show! lol, ... as for rocco... no doubt! i cant wait to read it hah

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