got rocc0?
2002-11-15 08:44:58 ET

the latest in the adventures of our favorite pr0n star

2002-11-15 10:03:02 ET

AHAHAHAHHA!!! that is fucking great! "i meated her" hahah! this guy is funny as fuck yo!

2002-11-15 10:05:15 ET

lol...i like when he says lovemeat. he cracks me up

2002-11-15 10:07:37 ET

hell yea

2002-11-15 10:39:30 ET

Oh, my God. That's just insane. he's gonna renew his anal vows w/ D.A.K. (short for Dirty Anal Kelly btw) at McDonald..sick fuck

2002-11-15 10:47:51 ET cant make this stuff up! its pure gold

2002-11-15 12:32:15 ET

Azrael... you, er.. or rather Rocc0 just salvaged a very bad day.
My thanks...
I'll MEAT you later. MUHAHAHA

2002-11-15 12:39:11 ET

haha yea, storm, if you want laugh some more check out the original rocco thread, there is some funny shit here, i don't believe i knew you when i posted this lofl

2002-11-15 12:40:01 ET

gus: im about to sign up for live journal just to make rocco my buddy! hahhaha, i mean .. come on... how cool would be rollin out to club with him... lol

2002-11-15 12:48:57 ET

ohh... lol, mah bad, i didnt realize that the same post i left a link to is also part of the same link gus left lol, STUPIDDD!! well... eaither way its funny as balls!

2002-11-15 21:42:07 ET

*unable to stop laughing*

2002-11-16 14:35:33 ET

rocc0 shoots! he scores! you like my lovemeat, don't you? yes you do.

2002-11-16 15:37:25 ET


2002-11-16 15:38:49 ET

It is a joke.. right gus??
*blinks hopefully*

2002-11-17 00:42:51 ET

i sincerely hope so

2002-11-17 05:03:12 ET

I never got my hostess cupcakes... but that's okay. She got the cream filling. Yes she did.

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