i am complete
2002-11-15 11:24:33 ET

rocc0 added me as his LJ friend! i am so excited! i can die happy now.

2002-11-15 11:27:42 ET

no way! thats awsome! your so in with the slickness now! hah

2002-11-15 11:29:18 ET

LOL! i never thought that would happen. if only he knew how much i openly mock him. and i did, right in my journal!!!

2002-11-15 11:31:28 ET


2002-11-15 11:34:46 ET

only reflected glory from rooc0...hahahaha

2002-11-15 12:41:08 ET

"Rocco's Tip of the Day: Spitt on her asshole"

dude, that is rustload's tip of the day EVERY day.

2002-11-15 12:42:12 ET


2002-11-15 16:05:29 ET

Who the hell is Rocko?

And why don't you add me to your LJ list?

2002-11-15 21:54:36 ET


^that's rocco^

2002-11-16 03:11:25 ET

Woah, Rocco is tha man.

2002-11-16 14:37:23 ET

rust: cause looking good is feeling good

sin: whats your LJ name?

squee: rocc0 frightens me but i cannot look away

2002-11-16 15:28:01 ET

my LJ name is sinsation666

2002-11-17 00:43:39 ET

all right...hopefully i'll remember to add you...or you can add me. im azraeltrigger

2002-11-18 06:35:17 ET

I love the way spitting on her asshole is a purely AESTHETIC concern...

2002-11-18 07:04:58 ET

that's sound advice!

2002-11-18 07:23:41 ET

storm: well of course it helps with other concerns. but like the man says...lol. too funny

sin: in more ways than one!

2002-11-18 07:31:10 ET

God.. I'm in love. Rocc0! Take my ass!!!

2002-11-18 07:32:33 ET

LOL! now you see the weird correlation between your lunchbox post and his adventures?

2002-11-18 07:33:40 ET

HA! I think that he would be glad to join me in such a venture, no?
D.A.K. receives a violent *SPLAT* of roasted turkey to the gluteus.

2002-11-18 07:40:45 ET

oh yea, you love my lunchMEAT don't you? yes you do.

2002-11-18 08:04:39 ET

She wants his spit in her ass.

2002-11-18 08:06:02 ET

that is nassssty! but hey we all know that storm is a perv and would probably love it

2002-11-18 08:09:24 ET

You didn't tell them about you, me and the mEATslicer did you?

2002-11-18 08:13:15 ET

Inquiring minds want to know!

2002-11-18 08:15:53 ET

It's sadly a lie... I've been attempting to molest Azrael for
years now, but his ass is sanctified, and will NOT be defiled by the unclean hands of the STORMINATOR

Now WHICH one is a lie?

2002-11-18 08:25:16 ET

i cut my pinky open on a meatslicer one time. i used to work with lunchMEATS quite a bit.

and storm sweetie: you can chuck lunchmeats at my ass any day...for a price. well, ok maybe the first one's free.

2002-11-18 08:57:22 ET

Heh... for now Gus, I'll be content with the OTHER SOFTWARE you give me. Hahah!
MEATslicers are so amazingly dangerous - it's a wonder that they're legal. Everyone I know who ever worked in a deli was mutilated by one of those things.

2002-11-18 09:14:35 ET

yea, i didnt even feel it cut me...only noticed when i was dripping blood all over the ladies turkey sandwhich

2002-11-18 09:27:36 ET

That is SO funny! My friend Vince told me the story that he once accidentally sent out a roast beef sandwich to a lady DRENCHED in his own blood!

2002-11-18 11:33:21 ET

that is so nasty! i bet she was like...'wow, this roast beef is really rare!'


2002-11-18 11:36:29 ET

yuk! haha

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