party hardy
2002-11-17 12:18:28 ET

friday: after work, went to tennessee mountain to meet up with friends and have drinks. my friend aeden tends bar there so i drank for free all night. score! around midnight, they closed up and we headed over to another bar where we stayed until closing. rolled in around 5:30 and slept all day. then saturday, i fight the bad weather and head into bastardcave. it was dead..but fun anyway. i actually had an awesome time. now it is sunday...time to start my freelance work. blah

2002-11-17 16:43:36 ET

Friday are good for going out, Saturdays are always good for sleeping all day then partying all night, and Sundays suck because they lead on to Mondays.......yep

2002-11-17 16:50:53 ET

oh christ.
the one time I'm not around the batcave was good?


2002-11-17 17:10:36 ET

prettygirl: no doubt!

bio: it was good cause it was empty!

2002-11-17 18:18:19 ET

oh, i like it there.....better than any clubs in ct, that's for sure.

2002-11-17 18:35:59 ET

i have never been to a club in CT. i used to go up there all the time...around waterbury

2002-11-17 18:42:07 ET

ah, well the clubs aren't worth going to. heh

2002-11-17 18:44:26 ET

i actually like batcave...a lot of new yorkers dont like it. but new yorkers are spoiled.

2002-11-17 18:58:32 ET


2002-11-17 19:17:23 ET

did you do a lot of dancing?

2002-11-17 19:20:28 ET

i did, i did :)

2002-11-17 19:21:33 ET

i like a good amount of dancing

2002-11-17 19:23:25 ET

so do i :)

2002-11-17 19:29:26 ET

i count it as exercise. and it is so fun! so in that way it is really good.

2002-11-17 19:31:10 ET


2002-11-18 03:07:30 ET

That's 'cause some of us like our industrial music ::cough:: (get this) industrial.


2002-11-18 06:32:58 ET

well, of course there are the hardliners like bio who only 'real' industrial music. ie. atonal, harsh and noisy ie. NOT danceable. real industrial music is superintellectual...more like sit and listen music....not dance around music. i question its place in a club environment...where people are meant to have fun...not sit and brood and intellectualize the music.

2002-11-18 12:46:29 ET


I don't want to hear Throbbing Gristle or SPK at a club.

But I sure don't want to hear trance pop von techno mit cheese vocals.

Uhhh, and a lot of hard "industrial" is very dancable.

2002-11-18 18:10:48 ET

not to argue about the dancability of hard industrial..because it can be!

but hey, its all a matter of taste and opinion...and i'll say it, a certain arrogance about what is good and what is not good. i went through that stage in my life already. its really pretty arbitrary. i was very picky about what i allowed myself to listen to and like. where pedigree was more important than the music! then i realized i was painting myself into a corner. music isnt a religion to me...i dont use it to seperate myself from the masses, to prove im cooler or smarter or more hardcore. if a song makes me want to dance, i'll dance. if you clear your mind of'll have a much more fulfilling experience at a club. anytime you totally disregard a kind of music as inferior, it is a double edged sword. it can be said about the kind of music that YOU love.

2002-11-19 15:45:14 ET

Just when I want to dance, I want it to be to s0mething hardc0re.

It's a pity I know nothing about actual hardcore. :X

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