crazy talk
2002-12-10 15:39:55 ET

1] without compromise, there is only conflict

2] ignorance is its own punishment

3] never take candy from strangers...unless they offer you a ride

2002-12-10 15:45:17 ET

4] one man's trash is another man's music

2002-12-10 15:55:25 ET

5] that first gallery of you is kinda hot

6] someone, please put something intelligent here

2002-12-10 16:07:55 ET

7. The Tao that can be expressed is not the true tao
8. I like secretly wearing mismatched sox. :)

2002-12-10 16:11:31 ET

what was that about zen through experience?

oh, and the outfit youre donning in that first gallery is daaaamn neat. and i hate saying shit like that, so this is the utmost in shallow compliments, enjoy.

2002-12-10 16:15:16 ET

cyb0rg: hear hear

brokenpromise: thanks :)

storm: i wear mismatched sox all the time

rust: thanks! i will enjoy it. and the shirt is made by SDL...if that means anything to you. ive never heard of it before

2002-12-10 16:16:28 ET

SDL is evil and selling badly sewn goods.

still looks good though :P

2002-12-11 01:06:37 ET

9: transcendance is key

2002-12-11 06:28:05 ET

10: leg warmers are effective

2002-12-11 07:01:19 ET

fragment: i coulda used a pair this morning. talk about a chilly biting wind. brrrrrr

2002-12-11 15:10:29 ET

your still missing a few....
11: As a whole, america needs to get deafeated in war
12: You have the coolest goggle-type things in all existance... ALL existance...
13: Harsh Criticism: Practical, amusing, and angelically offensive

2002-12-11 15:19:55 ET

goober: thanks!

i think america got whooped in vietnam

2002-12-11 15:25:54 ET

I'd really prefer it if America didn't get it's ass kicked.

(I <3 NY)


2002-12-11 15:27:18 ET

that wasnt war. that was an act[s] of lunacy

2002-12-11 15:28:57 ET


2002-12-11 15:33:32 ET


2002-12-11 15:39:35 ET

I think it would be nice to have America defeated in war, as long as I make my escape to Canada in time. =P

2002-12-11 15:47:13 ET

i'd head south of the border. i had more fun in mexico than in canada!

2002-12-11 15:59:25 ET

yeah it's just a hell of a lot easier to get to canada than mexico though: heh:

2002-12-11 16:02:31 ET

Jea I agree, even though Mejico is fun, it's easier to get to Canada just because it's only an 8hour car ride away.

2002-12-11 16:09:02 ET

digit: we can start the head punchy commune up there

fragment: right! promise to take us with you!

2002-12-11 16:09:35 ET

yes commune of head punchy!!

2002-12-11 16:14:51 ET

w0ot =]

2002-12-11 16:14:57 ET

or start a robot army, that works too.

2002-12-11 16:15:46 ET

do i get to go to? i can fit in the trunk... i think.

2002-12-11 16:18:05 ET

robot armies are also acceptable....but not as fun as head punchy

2002-12-11 16:23:48 ET

hmm, if i knew what you meant by head pubchy, i may agree

2002-12-11 16:25:35 ET


2002-12-11 16:29:25 ET

its exactly what it sounds like

2002-12-11 17:08:29 ET

sounds like fun.... hmmmmmmmmmm IM IN!

2002-12-11 18:23:55 ET

yes storm: HEAD PUNCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

goober: sweet: the more the merrier:

2002-12-12 10:01:06 ET

that is absolutley amazing!

2002-12-12 10:02:34 ET

nothing like a huge head punchy brawl...with nog of course

2002-12-12 10:06:23 ET


2002-12-13 06:23:00 ET

Nog... <3 ... I'll do it for the nog.

2002-12-13 06:28:01 ET

welcome to NOGNATION!

2002-12-13 06:32:29 ET

Gus-Gus... you should come to Bio's play tonight. :)
It will be a Nogathon.

2002-12-13 06:35:29 ET

i promised to have dinner with my bro

he's introducing his new girlfriend...

2002-12-13 06:38:06 ET

Ahhhhh C.
Introducing.... !!!!

Have fun. ;0

2002-12-13 07:49:07 ET

storm AND gus: you guys should BOTH go to hell lab after your respective opther duties: cause genesis p. orridge is gonna be doin a throbbing gristle-esque set: and me and andy and raine are gonna be there:

2002-12-13 07:53:01 ET

dude, i thought you needed advance tickets on that

2002-12-13 07:55:39 ET

fuck: you're right: fine just go spoiling all my hopes and dreams: hehe: :P

2002-12-13 07:57:12 ET

thats what i'm here for ;P

2002-12-13 07:58:10 ET

hahahaha: you rock:

2002-12-13 07:59:21 ET

have fun! you lucky bastid

2002-12-13 08:00:23 ET

eh i'll try: but it just won't be the same without you guys: ;)

ya'll have fun too with your respective other outings: i think it's time for me to go cook something:

2002-12-13 08:06:24 ET

-drools like homer-

2002-12-13 08:43:26 ET

I really wanted to go to Hell lab... but is it true about the
advance tickets?
DIGIT you guys are coming to Bio's thing, correct?

2002-12-15 23:42:06 ET

yeah the advance ticket thing was unfortunately true: ...i'm sorry we didn't make it out to bio's show, justine told me it was fun: we wouldv'e gone had we gotten into the city earlier ...hellLab was SO COOL: i just posted about it on my page in long form: ;)

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