violence, when it is sanctioned by the state
2002-12-11 09:31:22 ET

the weather is pretty nasty today. yuck. i dont even wanna go out side for food. working with the adult novelties again. i am so bored with vibrators! i should really catch up on my phone calls tonight. and do some laundry while i am at it. had some yummy curry last night. mmmm.

if anyone is into female fronted goth/darkwave-esque music check out:

also: i revised my gallery. took out 2 pics, added 2 others and did some photoshop bullshit.

2002-12-11 09:34:52 ET

nice...i like them

2002-12-11 09:47:05 ET

yea, they are my friends band...they are a married couple now. they had a kid a couple years back which forced them to stop. but they may be making more music soon. i hope so anyway.

2002-12-11 09:49:19 ET


2002-12-11 10:20:21 ET

i dig the photoshopped stuff man: especially the work on the goggles:

2002-12-11 10:32:29 ET

thanks dude...didnt think anyone would notice!

2002-12-11 10:45:59 ET

I like the goggless :)

2002-12-11 10:46:57 ET

thanks roza!

2002-12-11 10:53:15 ET

i try to not let anything go unnoticed: ;)

2002-12-11 10:59:55 ET

you should out solving crimes! you forensic scientist you

2002-12-11 11:13:09 ET

yeah in real life i aspire to be batman: hahaha:

2002-12-11 11:23:31 ET

I think I'm missing something, what do you do for a living?

2002-12-11 11:29:46 ET

digit: screw batman. you are nogman!

ananas: i am a graphic designer. i am working on designing a sellsheet for vibrator company.

2002-12-11 11:34:27 ET

alright :)

to clear up confusion and all :D

2002-12-11 12:24:45 ET

err...i mean, i rent out my massive penis out to make the molds....shit too late to lie about it.

2002-12-11 12:37:23 ET

What a "hard" job that must be..ohh tee hee :P

2002-12-11 12:50:15 ET

hahaha, you naughty naughty girl

2002-12-11 12:57:18 ET

i couldn't even imagine being bored w/ vibrators :) hehe

2002-12-11 13:02:04 ET

All the fake hair piled on top ov my head generates such thoughts :P

2002-12-11 13:02:11 ET

i spend way too much time looking at them, taking pictures of them, thinking about things to say about them, etc.

2002-12-11 14:28:26 ET

nice pictures =]

2002-12-11 14:36:58 ET

ananas: yea, i hear that the hair can cause major headaches. is this true?

ub3r: thanks! <3

2002-12-11 14:45:13 ET

It's true. Sometimes it's on so tight I have trouble moving my facial muscles, for 30 minutes or so :D But it loosens up (the hair that is)

2002-12-11 14:58:21 ET

i was about to ask, what loosens up?'ll soon learn that something about brings out the sexual innuendos.

2002-12-11 15:14:50 ET

Well, I've seen..I've seen!The most mundane shit goes dirty! But this post you brought up dildos so it was inevitable. But I have seen the most unrelated things turn into Red Shoe Fucking diaries. And i was only on sk for 2 weeks.

2002-12-11 15:20:48 ET

yep yep. just good clean wholesome fun

2002-12-11 16:05:43 ET

i wonder if it's too late to comment on nogman and avoid the dildo conversation...gus your page is like a melting pot for sexual innuendos, but it's one of the most fun pages to read on SK: so i'm not complainin: heh:

2002-12-11 16:11:18 ET

thanks dude. which is interesting since i am probably the most boring person in real life!

2002-12-11 16:12:53 ET

nah dude you're not boring: yer just quiet...once we get some alcyhol in yas you liven right up: =)
...though i can't remember if i ever saw you drunk: maybe it was just later in the night and you'd gotten more social....either way you're not boring fucker: =D

2002-12-11 16:14:57 ET

that is too true. and not just alcahol :)

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