you spun your wheels to get my attention
2002-12-16 08:28:41 ET

friday: dinner with my bro and his new woman. she seems like nice...despite being a dirty jersy girl. haha. met up with chrissie and her friends for a lil bit. they left to go to funhouse. i was definately not up for funhouse. i was not feeling all too hot. home, sleep. and sleep.

watch 24 hour party people on DVD. pretty entertaining!

i was supposed to go to chris flams x-mas party with chrissie...missed her call, missed it. i needed the sleep! then out to crapcave. good clean fun. sunday sleep sleep sleep. need to get nyquil. i cant afford to be sick right now.

2002-12-16 08:47:27 ET

i am getting worse too...i hate being sick

2002-12-16 08:50:27 ET

Hope you get better!

2002-12-16 08:52:04 ET

i will after i kick some guys ass tonight

2002-12-16 08:52:14 ET

brandon pissed me off bad

2002-12-16 08:52:19 ET

real bad

2002-12-16 08:59:32 ET

Sorry, that's why you should have married me instead.

2002-12-16 08:59:58 ET

yup sure should have

2002-12-16 09:00:15 ET

thanks sin

uhoh...looks like brandon is going down

2002-12-16 09:00:30 ET

oh poot my bad

2002-12-16 09:01:28 ET

i might not hurt him b/c he is getting me some salvia.....that some good stuff

2002-12-16 09:01:55 ET

wanna be a dirty jersey girl.

2002-12-16 09:10:57 ET

Ughhhh Jersey girls. :-P
Didn't make it to CrapCake, as I'm sure
you noticed Gus.

2002-12-16 09:13:35 ET

goul: no reason you cant just use him as a boy toy HAHAAH

insomnia: in your heart you always will be

storm: yea, where were you? did furax ever show? im going to qxt's this coming friday. we should go!

2002-12-16 09:16:40 ET

We definitely should - I'm dying to
dance. This week is going to be stress-in-the-box
(for a fucking change).

2002-12-16 09:18:02 ET


2002-12-16 09:18:21 ET

fuck it i'll use his fucking ass...hahaha

2002-12-16 09:19:44 ET

and watch the second i see him i'll chicken out

2002-12-16 09:34:12 ET

storm: we are on. my week is gonna be ill as well. and stress in what box ;P

goul: work it!

2002-12-16 09:41:56 ET

Hahah... no STRESS there, please. Hahah
I like to keep her stress-free.

And it's on... I'm looking forward to seeing you. Oh yes I am. LOL

2002-12-16 09:50:25 ET

i should be free around 10pm. then we'll PATH it over. i was gonna crash at deathcondition's but maybe i'll come back if you are still there. and i'll bring the butters for your flapjacks. hahahaha

2002-12-16 11:05:05 ET

Friday trip to QXT's sans bio? :[

2002-12-16 11:23:37 ET

why cant you come?

2002-12-16 11:25:09 ET

Well I didn't know it was happening.
And I'd need a place to stay. :/

2002-12-16 11:42:23 ET

ask deathcondition if you can crash at his place. that was my plan. and you should come! legal tender and all ;P

2002-12-16 12:39:06 ET

You can stay at mines, Bio if need be...
OR (better plan!)
We can ALL crash at Death Condition's.

2002-12-16 12:45:18 ET

if we offer NOG he cant wintermute and plague live there

2002-12-16 12:46:59 ET

PLAGUE??? *flees*
That would be fun though.
I'll throw the ULTIMATE NOG into the pot for bargaining. :)

2002-12-16 12:47:17 ET

Damn club kids. I will be working.

2002-12-16 13:07:22 ET

ultimate nog? -raises eyebrow-

insomnia: you should come out...

2002-12-16 13:07:55 ET

I should Gus, I should.

I need bribes.

2002-12-16 13:08:44 ET

i will offer one alcaholic beverage...

2002-12-16 13:09:30 ET

I don't drink.

I need some sort of love. And I need moral support when fucking tired at work Sun morning.

2002-12-16 13:10:31 ET

love? that's storms department...

and moral i can do that. plus raine is coming right?

2002-12-16 13:11:17 ET

I dunno haven't talked to Raine in a while she is busy. And Storm is not love's minister when it comes to me. We are purely platonic, despite appearances.

2002-12-16 13:20:18 ET

im sure you can fnd a boy to play with..hehe

and raine should come...she's always telling me to go to q's and well, here i go!

2002-12-16 13:20:54 ET

Love is love, silly...
Love is not wh0r3dom.

2002-12-16 13:21:34 ET

I don't wanna "find a boy" to play with.

<--- one track mind

Anyway, call Raine. I don't know her plans, she is too busy for me as well.

2002-12-16 13:23:59 ET

eh, she'll either be there or not. i dont wanna bother her, if you dont even see her, then i dont see much point in callin. yea, what storm said

2002-12-16 13:25:56 ET

Word. :)

Are you going SAT or FRI, Gus...
Are you working ALL weekend, Justine?

2002-12-16 13:26:30 ET

FRIDAY...prusik n all

2002-12-16 13:32:23 ET

Bleh Prusik. :pukey:

I am working Fri morning, Sat morning, Sun morning, and catering Sat night. So, yeah...

If I work out a couple things, I could sleep Fri night and then go anyway.

2002-12-16 13:34:16 ET

You can crash if you need...
as usual. :)

2002-12-16 13:36:28 ET

Been crashing a lot recently. . .

::crashes again::


Not sleeping in the same bed as our daughter, though!

2002-12-16 13:39:41 ET

Don't cry, sweetpea. :)
You'll always have my messy but warm house to crash, uh.. ON!

Um, well you get first pick. If you need to stay, Bio can sleep in the hall. Hahaha...

2002-12-16 13:49:02 ET

Maybe Bio can stay down the hall... any hot girls there?

2002-12-16 13:52:29 ET

Hahah... no, but there are some college
wh0r3s downstairs I think. The REGULAR kind.

He can feel free to plunder at will.

2002-12-16 14:04:18 ET

im sure at this point bio would like any kind of action

insomnia needs to go out and have a good time and not think about shit

and i promised prusik that i would catch his set...

2002-12-16 14:13:46 ET

Hey I still have some set of standards. :[

The thing about my trips to Q's is that they are under the false guise of me sleeping over at a peer's house.
I mean, it'd be muchmuch better for myself to sleep in the city.
Having easier access to the trains and such.
Because waking up in Jersey would be sad for me. :[

Not that I want to spoil the plans if everyone is sleeping at deathconditionys.

2002-12-16 14:13:51 ET

Prusik is going to be there and spinning? bleh. Well at least he won't be assaulting the dancefloor like usual then. . .

If Insomnia needs to go out and forget, Q's is the WRONG place.

Insomnia needs to lose half her brain and become a drunken club kid, then she won't care. ..

2002-12-16 14:23:30 ET

bio: just playing y0

insomnia: there's nothing wrong with being a drunken club kid. no one will think any less of you

2002-12-16 14:24:06 ET

I'm no good at it, I have tried. I drink and just wanna curl up and fall asleep.

2002-12-16 14:31:29 ET

i hear ya. just beware...dont become too jaded. you are young still, you SHOULD go out and have fun. it wont take away from your intellectual credentials if you lose your mind once in awhile.

2002-12-16 14:33:37 ET

<---- not that young still

Nothing can take away my credentials! ::holds up dumb papers::

But it can make me disillusioned with trying to continue. ..

2002-12-16 14:33:55 ET

With your old age comes wisdom, AzraelTrigger!

2002-12-16 14:44:10 ET

insomnia: you are young

bio: not fact, the older i get the more i realize i dont understand anything

2002-12-16 14:48:32 ET

How old are you?

And while I'm asking questions.
How old is Wintermute and nachtrichter? :|

2002-12-16 14:50:13 ET

They are both 21 - WM is 22 in Jan.

I am 24 in Jan. Almost a quarter old!

Gus is older than all of us.

You are not.

any more questions?

2002-12-16 14:53:34 ET

Age is now determined by height.

2002-12-16 14:55:09 ET

i am ancient bio

2002-12-16 14:55:54 ET

Not true, young fucker.

2002-12-16 14:56:15 ET

You kids are a nightmare.

2002-12-16 15:01:51 ET


I am one million years old.

2002-12-16 15:05:12 ET

that would make me one billion :P

2002-12-16 15:12:48 ET

I think it was obvious we meant that taller meant older.

2002-12-16 16:18:07 ET

wait...what are we talking about here?

2002-12-16 16:20:45 ET

I don't know anymore.

2002-12-16 16:21:03 ET


2002-12-16 16:22:43 ET

sweaty man boobs

2002-12-16 16:23:43 ET

Pineapple juice.

2002-12-16 16:33:40 ET

sweaty man-zebras drinking pineapple juice

2002-12-16 16:34:19 ET

you had to go there, didn't you.

I am leaving.

2002-12-16 16:35:25 ET

nach: nice! i like that

insomnia: aww, cmon. stay and play

2002-12-16 16:36:14 ET

I need my home.

btw, Chris mentioned Webster Hall on Thurs - Zenwarp - you going?

2002-12-16 16:37:42 ET zenwarp for me. last time was a mess ;)

2002-12-16 16:38:25 ET

isn't that the lord of the rings night or whatever?

2002-12-16 16:38:44 ET

Sounds like a better idea than Q's - closer to me - not on Fri night - free for girls (maybe).. .

really going home now though.

Nacht: yes

2002-12-16 16:39:51 ET

sweet, i wanna see the fucking movie really bad, maybe i'll go to zenwarp if it's not gonna be all trance and shit

2002-12-16 16:39:53 ET

sweet, i wanna see the fucking movie really bad, maybe i'll go to zenwarp if it's not gonna be all trance and shit

2002-12-16 16:50:10 ET

i wanna see the movie too

but the queen of the damned night was mad butt. ask chris, we went

2002-12-16 16:57:23 ET

I'm performing at the Zenwarp thingie...
If anyone wants to come, I'll put you on
the listy-list.

NO promises of relative suckage, but at least I might be able to scrounge up some drink tix. :)

2002-12-16 16:59:56 ET

if i feel well, i'll try to support you storm

2002-12-16 17:00:29 ET

put biomechanic on the list.

is zenwarp 18+
or 19+?
and being on the list.
do i have to front id?

2002-12-16 17:08:18 ET

Please... no need for support, I perform all the time *groan*
ALTHOUGH, it would be of course delightful to have mah peeps there.

Ian Ffuck is spinning, and Dysfunction and Q... :-/

Bio, I can get anyone I want in. ;)

2002-12-16 17:10:02 ET

Even me?
I am there.

2002-12-16 17:45:09 ET

i will keep this in mind

2002-12-17 04:19:56 ET

i'm there as long as one of those other suckaz is driving into nyc so i can scrounge a ride... hehehe

2002-12-17 04:38:57 ET

I will go.

2002-12-17 05:20:39 ET

:) I'll be wearing elf ears.
That will be well worth it. hahaha

2002-12-17 07:32:28 ET

nach: suckers? what you mean chris or damian? haha..they hate to drive

insomnia: i may see you there ;)

storm: if i am not there, someone needs to take pix!

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