each day shall end as it begins
2002-12-19 09:13:36 ET

more work shit. email from boss: scrap everything you did yesterday. redo it. ARG! i am uber annoyed. it will be a miracle if i make the sk.net dinner chill. and zenwarp is completely out of the question. not to mention the piles of laundry which are screaming for release. and paid my bank account in bills last night. ouch! wtf! the gas bill was outrageous!!! bastids!

the good news is: i am feeling better today. though that nyquil hangover is hard to shake. i just couldnt get up! i better stop taking it unless i can really sleep in and not worry about it. that means friday at QXT's is looking good. oops, i also have dinner plans...better keep that in mind.

2002-12-19 09:15:54 ET

aww, poor you!
glad you're feeling better, sweetie :) yay!

2002-12-19 09:20:56 ET

yea i am glad ur getting better too...i am getting worse...ugh...its not fair

2002-12-19 09:57:28 ET

squee: thanks =) you are too kind

goul: you will get better soon. you started feeling ill a day after me so if everything works out in proper sequence, you should start feeling better tomorrow

2002-12-19 10:10:26 ET

wooo! i hope so

2002-12-19 17:04:54 ET

you're welcome :)

2002-12-19 22:10:36 ET


2002-12-19 22:13:11 ET

xoxo ;)

2002-12-20 05:19:15 ET

Zenwarp won out, Azrael went with us. ::grins:: Glad you did.

Going tonight. . . eeep. . .

2002-12-20 08:00:06 ET

yes...i regret to say that i was lured into zenwarp with promises of lists and open bar. FARCE!
it was ok...i really should have went home! the only reason it was even barely tolerable was the sk.net krew.

2002-12-20 08:38:27 ET

if you distill (sp?) the nyquil it's a fun time and you get a 50/50 chance on the hangover, plus it's cheaper than alcohol

2002-12-20 08:44:27 ET

distill? how is this done?

2002-12-20 08:45:56 ET

i can't quite remember at the moment, i think it has something to do with rubbing alcohol in a plastic bag with the nyquil and rocksalt added, i'll try and talk to my friend/fiend when he's lucid so it might be a while

2002-12-20 08:48:48 ET

haha, no hurries...sounds complicated. plus i am a big fan of using drugs for their intended use!

2002-12-20 08:52:37 ET

um, in distilling it and then imbibing it you tend to lose a little of the intended use stuff, but it does take you on a fun little journey through sub/aware conscious land

2002-12-20 08:58:59 ET

i'll certainly keep that in mind...next time i am strapped for cash and wanna trip

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