festivus for the rest of us
2002-12-23 07:31:50 ET

happy holidays everyone. i hope you didnt go too much into debt this season. ;P my plan to avoid the season worked perfectly. advanced warning helps of course. as far as i know, only one person got me a gift. thats a huge success, folks. and i will most likely give cash to my parents as they need that the most right now.

a few things i have been liking recently: anything by in strict confidence. they are underrated. 'blunt force trauma' by aslan faction. why isnt this a club hit? northern light [covenant]=good album. not flashy, just solid. 'love breeds suicide' by suicide commando. also: for my futurepop fix: assemblage 23. especially the echo image remix of document. sue me. ;P

spent 6 hours working on freelance yesterday. i'm glad i got most of it done. now to close the deal. i feel at peace with the world right now. coming to terms with my place. as i get older, i realize more and more that i dont know anything. reality is a consensual hallucination. there is a seperate and distinct one for every person. mostly, they overlap...but sometimes not. and that is the spice of life.

2002-12-23 07:36:11 ET

Probably 'cause you can't tell the difference between every other Aslan Faction song.
::says nothing about the others::

And I'm shocked you didn't get me a gift.

2002-12-23 07:39:16 ET

yea, i only have 3 or 4 songs. they are pretty similar but to me that one stands out. when i first heard them i thought they were a farce. kinda grew on me.

and i gave you man love...what are you talking about, no gift? people pay good money for my sexy bitch body!

2002-12-23 07:39:23 ET

sometimes i question whether anyone else shares my hallucination and if i'm actually just locked up in some asylum far far away

2002-12-23 07:40:20 ET

Getting felt up while I'm sleeping doens't count as man love!

If you listen to the album, you'll know what I'm talking about. ; )

2002-12-23 07:49:18 ET

clockwork: well, obviously...some of us are way off on the consensual part

bio: you weren't asleep! in fact, i was probably more asleep than you were. i feel that way about fiendflug. i cant tell the songs apart, most of the time.

2002-12-23 07:54:37 ET

I love blunt force trauma... and while AF's sound
is largely homogenous, I still LIKE their sound.
If they come out with another album that's identical,
then they are a farce.

I enjoy partaking in consensual, somnambulant molestation.

2002-12-23 08:02:16 ET

i guess there is something to be said for homogeny. but i do prefer when a band does different things within the same album. i always feel conflicted about this from personal experience. when i was going to art school, we got the same drill. they tried to force us into a personal 'style' basically so that we could be recognized by our work. i always felt that was in direct conflict with the nature of visual art. and the same goes for audio. i know that personally, i get bored if i start writing a song that ive already written. but then some are ouot to make their version of the perfect song...and spend their entire careers in pursuit of the ideal. which can be good and bad, i suppose.

2002-12-23 08:09:51 ET

I completely agree.
However, I feel like the following notions about art are respectable:
1. Consistent Style
2. Conceptual Cohesiveness with Stylistic Variety
3. Aclecticism with premeditation
4. !!!Pure Mania!!!

In music recording, I think the element that I find most impressive is an artists ability to actually make AN ALBUM. Narrative, thematic, sophistocated, varied but cohesive. This happens almost NEVER. ;-)

2002-12-23 08:11:19 ET

That's why the Culture Club's "Kissing to be Clever" is an album that will for always stick out as a masterpiece.

2002-12-23 08:19:03 ET

storm: that is all very respectable. and few can really pull it off. i know that we had to make certain sacrifices when putting the album together. for the betterment of the album, we were forced to cut superior songs which strayed from the theme and style of the album. its really a shame. but i guess thats why bands have side projects. i have a lot of respect for my friend colin who was able to pull it off [terminal sect/porcupine defense] and his songs are nothing, if not narrative. each song is a novel!

bio: never heard of it

2002-12-23 08:34:15 ET

Indeed...it's a mammoth task, and one that requires a meat-cleaver like sense of cohesive aesthetics. Not something that I have an easy time with in my work.

Bio: Boy George is tied up in my trashroom.

2002-12-23 08:42:47 ET

self-editing is the hardest task of any artist...indeed the defining one

2002-12-23 11:51:09 ET

The Echo Image remix of Document roxors. Document and Definace are definately something you should purchase, AT.

2002-12-23 11:52:50 ET

i agree...as soon as i have some cash, i will have to see about aquiring these for real

2002-12-23 11:53:58 ET



2002-12-23 11:57:04 ET

up yours bio

i call farce on so called 'powernoize'

2002-12-23 12:03:37 ET

i luv zee trance beat

2002-12-23 12:09:15 ET

hey dont make fun of trance! trance CAN be good

2002-12-23 12:12:44 ET

Madlove some trance.

2002-12-23 12:19:01 ET


actually, i believe that any genre can produce good music, i dont discriminate because of a genre. even country or rap! i generally dont listen to them, but i cant deny that there are some good country and/or rap songs.

2002-12-23 12:22:14 ET

what if it was a paul van dyk song with jay-z and garth brooks vocals? :X

2002-12-23 12:23:27 ET

*faints dead away*
Shocking Bio, Simply shocking.


2002-12-23 12:24:04 ET

i'd actually like to hear that

2002-12-25 20:35:45 ET

<<<reality is a consensual hallucination. there is a seperate and distinct one for every person.<BR>
i used to refer to 'reality' as the 'shared paradigm'

i go nuts when i find someone on my wavelength b/c i dont have to explain myself multiple times, they are running on the same OS as I am. oftentimes i think mundane reality is so boring because so many people are forced to share it it takes a lowest common denominator quality ||this was why i had an insane good time at the genesis p'orridge show, not only was the environment unique but everyone was participating in the mutual hallucination of the thing...

mayhaps we do too much drugs...

2002-12-25 20:36:26 ET

and i agree with everything storm said although i dont quite understand the fourth one |||

2002-12-25 20:44:50 ET

this is why we tend to gravitate to people who's realities have the most overlap. its just easier to communicate and share idea, share jokes, etc.

2002-12-25 21:16:01 ET

i've been trying to convince Insomnia that theres more to it that just pop culture, or subculture...

2002-12-26 04:32:11 ET

Heheh... most definitely.
There are few things more satisfying then finding another human being whose existence seems to run according to the same code...

I choose this description deliberately, as I feel that one can find entities like this who you have NOTHING practical in common with.

This phenomenon is particularly exciting; it's like speaking a dead language, finding someone else who speaks it too, and then FINALLY being able to truly learn about the world from one another.

2002-12-26 08:35:28 ET


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