lock without a key
2003-02-10 07:40:14 ET

no q's on friday. i was way too tired....had dinner with the collins family. good eats. played german board games. man, the germans are really into board games...they are pretty complicated. saturday was chillin at vinces...PS2 and other diversions. then club at night. good times. sunday was spent watching kung fu movies. the five deadly venoms still rules.

2003-02-10 07:41:50 ET

you know, i've actually been wondering what is that "Q" place.

2003-02-10 07:47:04 ET

q's is in the armpit of new jersey...newark.

2003-02-10 07:48:46 ET

a club?

2003-02-10 07:49:14 ET

Were they Ravensburger board games?

2003-02-10 07:52:09 ET

cyber: yea...it is a club that a lot of the jersey [and sometimes new york] subkultures kids go to.

kasty: yes...we played one called 'tikal'

2003-02-10 08:07:39 ET

I had an aunt who worked for Ravensburger. I have a trunkload of those damned board games.

2003-02-10 08:11:55 ET

thats awesome! you should break them out and play them. they are pretty fun.

2003-02-10 09:25:50 ET

sounds like a better weekend then mine, i love those Ravensburger games

2003-02-10 09:29:20 ET

it was a pretty chill weekend. those ravensburger games are hot!

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