push upstairs
2003-02-24 08:10:11 ET

yikes, i have been sick the past few days. and a lot of work hasnt been getting done. i am just coming out of it now. finally got my hydra money which is a huge load off of my back. yay, i can pay rent. batcave on saturday was fun [what i can remember of it, that is] it was particularly awesome because the NJ crew was out in full effect. the rest of the weekend was wasted being ill and trying to read the cryptonomicon for a second time. i have this weird urge to dig up my old a. dumas books. 'all for one and one for all!'

2003-02-24 08:14:43 ET

what's th cryptonomicon?

2003-02-24 08:32:49 ET

it's a book, i can't remember the authors name at the moment, it's cyberpunk-ish (the book not the name)

2003-02-24 08:48:32 ET

Neal Stephenson.

Great book, though I think Snow Crash was slightly better.

2003-02-24 08:50:16 ET

dok: you're right, it was better, i'm picking up some Ayn Rand cause of your posts(never read anything by her)

2003-02-24 08:58:51 ET

Start with We The living, it's really fantastic.


2003-02-24 09:05:11 ET

definitely, after that i want to read Atlas Shrugged

2003-02-24 09:15:26 ET

I'll check all of these out. I haven't read alot recently, besides news and other random stuff.

2003-02-24 09:18:43 ET

at least you read, i asked a friend of mine to recommend a book and he told me that he hated reading and didn't do it unless he had to, upon asking the same question of his siblings (and getting the same response)i was shocked, i just kinda figured it was a fun thing for everyone

2003-02-24 09:19:13 ET

I love to read. but I've been busy with work, music, social stuff. and this here internet thing

2003-02-24 10:18:54 ET

yea dude, you were super smashed on saturday! for someone being sick you got really fucked up, hah.

2003-02-24 10:35:42 ET

Insom: how are you getting home tonight Az?
Az: uh....
Insom: how are you getting home tonight Az?
Az: uh....
Insom: how are you getting home tonight Az?
Az: uh.... I'm getting a ride?
Insom: from who?
Az: uh.... you can crash at my place, I promise I won't take advantage of you.
Insom: Az darling, you couldn't if you wanted to, you can barely move -

2003-02-24 10:46:34 ET

DC: hehe, i blame gerrard

insomnia: i of course dont remember any of that...but i did get a ride from joe

2003-02-25 19:24:42 ET

STORM: Yes dear?
STORM: Are you going to be ok? How are you getting home?
STORM: Oh my god... I'm responsible for carrying the other third of Symbiotic on my lap already!!!


2003-02-25 19:28:23 ET

Az: I don't have any tits
Insom: it's okay Az, guys aren't supposed to
Az: no really, I have none
Insom: that's fine Az
Az: but I'm flat!!!!
Insom: good!
Az: I need implants.
Insom: no, no you don't. you're fine the way you are.

2003-02-25 19:29:59 ET

He's got some nice nips on him though...

Ah, Tina lives in Berlin her voice so seldom on my machine
Is here tonight and I'm on the market and when I'm on the market words move faster

2003-02-25 19:40:32 ET

hey, leave my nips out of this...

oh man, i wish i could remember some of my drunken conversations...i am funny

2003-02-25 19:42:31 ET

I want to bring a tape recorder with me to BC. You think they'll confuscate it?

2003-02-25 20:01:11 ET

i dont know, actually

2003-02-25 20:05:29 ET

if you get the kind that looks like a walkman, they probably won't question it.

2003-02-25 20:05:55 ET

Hell yeah.

game on

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