2003-04-25 14:46:35 ET

anyone interested in a pregame at my place before batcave tomorrow?

2003-04-25 15:12:28 ET

of COURSE Azrael calls pregame the weekend I'm not coming out... Lol

2003-04-25 15:17:29 ET

why arent you coming out???

2003-04-25 16:06:18 ET

Can I come to pregame and NOT go to club?


2003-04-25 16:13:05 ET

i have plans on coming to the city early, but call me! ill have my car an im down for drinkin ;) i doubt ill check sk so make sure you call me.

2003-04-25 21:35:28 ET

The one week I assume "No plans will be made" so I make other plans.

2003-04-26 07:22:49 ET

You weren't supposed to tell them about our "other" plans, Bio...


2003-04-26 07:27:05 ET

Oh man, our plans are so vague.
They're going to be awesome.

; )

2003-04-28 22:31:12 ET


but how about this?

2003-04-29 08:26:43 ET

Somethings tells me I know about that.

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