club hopping
2003-05-03 07:38:43 ET

caught a ride out to conduit to see LC play...but yep, you guessed it. i missed the entire show. that pretty much put a damper into the evening. and then we had to bounce because a friend got sick from terrorfakts strobes. i was there maybe a total of 45 minutes. we head back to north jersey, drop our friend off at the train station and head to q's. which was fun. mad shots yo! it was cool that jarv and don showed up later on. the we rocked the late night diner and it was off to sleep for me. as with any night i drink copious amounts of red bull + vodka, i find that i cannot sleep for more than 5 hours. very tired yet unable to sleep. i need to find a new drink...

2003-05-03 07:40:09 ET

Yeaaaa it was nice BRIEFLY meeting you! haha you have a really happy looking smile! (dur)
maybe you cant sleep anymore thn 5 hours a night because of red bull?

2003-05-03 07:42:38 ET

Damn the bands... glad you had fun anyway!

kaliss can't deal with the red bull either, you guys need to collectively find another drink -

2003-05-03 07:50:14 ET

DS: it was nice meeting you also. yep, its definately the red bull

insomnia: yea, the evening was salvaged. still pissed about missing the show, however. i need to explore new options...maybe LIT's

2003-05-03 07:53:27 ET

Good morning, sir.

I may or may not be at DT if you plan on not showing up.

2003-05-03 08:00:36 ET

top o the morning to ya

see your journal for tonights forecast

2003-05-03 09:04:10 ET

i had a red bull and vodka at Conduit and the drink was horrible. all red bull. the guy ran out of red bull and starting filling my glass with ICE! in this huge glass there was less than a shot of vodka. so i am all for finding a new drink now. less stiumlant more alcohol. :)

2003-05-03 09:25:43 ET

Dude them drinks were weak as hell...usually they are CRAZY strong on Thursday nights. Conduit on a friday sucks >:O...i had to bitch and complain about my drink not being strong enough until i got a really strong one...i hate ice

2003-05-03 15:07:00 ET

NP: yea, the drinks were mad weak. what a rip

DS: i dont mind ice...but i had WAY too much in my drink. i drank 2 red bulls + vodkas and didnt even catch a buzz

2003-05-04 09:10:52 ET

same here. i had two of them and some of Storm's drinks and got nothing. it sucked.

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