2003-05-20 07:40:10 ET

this past weekend was a blur. friday pregame at the mountain was official. wasnt too bad until i rocked some drinks at q's though. i was pretty ripped, but that was just a shadow of what was to become saturday night. JD tore the shit out of me. the pregame was tight...a little too tight. and i definately could have done without that last shot of JD before we walked out the door. consequently, i lost my jacket at the club, left my bag in DC's trunk and generally made a nuisance of myself. i gotta take it easy, cant have many more nights like that left in me. yikes. thanks to everyone who took care of me this weekend. you guys rule.

2003-05-20 07:43:08 ET

you nuisance.

2003-05-20 07:47:50 ET

That nuisance best get naked Saturday night.

If I'm going to see a Symbiotic show...I want boobies. Gus cleavage is in order.

2003-05-20 07:47:51 ET


Double post!!!!!!!

Just wanna see your boobies twice!

2003-05-20 08:19:16 ET

hahah, im not even an 'a' cup

now bio can rock some serious cleavage

2003-05-20 08:49:40 ET

Save all pledges of sobriety for a weekend that is not sacred to my day of birth. :-P
Pregame at the mountain Thursday.

Big titties are sloppy and uncouth.
I love small breasts.


2003-05-20 08:51:29 ET

Bio makes my loins tingle.

In that good old-fashioned kid touching way

2003-05-20 09:33:38 ET

storm: sloppy and uncouth. i love it. we can pregame at the mountain thurs but my friend wont be there to hook us up like last time. he charged me $40 for all those drink you, justine, prusik and i rocked...not to mention the food. what a pal. but friday he's there.

DCA: i rocked bio's boobs once. you'd think there were diamonds hidden in his cleavage, the way he was guarding them

2003-05-20 10:23:47 ET


2003-05-20 11:38:17 ET

ahh, jack and pre-game .. hellz yea ..

2003-05-20 12:02:27 ET

prusik told me he had to carry my sorry ass outta there

2003-05-20 12:22:56 ET

haha .. but he was drunk as fuck too! he caused quite a scene himself .. lol

2003-05-20 14:13:51 ET

<3 Good ol' fashion kidtouching like they did in the old days <3.
Back before they acknowledged the laws about that stuff.

No more groping my boobies unless you treat me right.

I want to touch a boob. Big ones. Big, sloppy ones. With humongous nipple diamaters. You know what I'm talking about.

2003-05-20 14:21:49 ET

No, Bio..I don't.

I don't come from the land ov Big & Sloppy.

2003-05-20 14:24:43 ET

I know WHO you're talking about, and it makes me want to wretch.


2003-05-20 14:26:30 ET

I'm shocked you'd make all sorts of assumptions like that, Insomnia. All sorts of assumptions. 'cause that's what you're doing, assuming. Assuming an assumption.

Must ... resist ...
No ... more ... fat ... chicks ...

Who am I trying to kid here? Sigh.


2003-05-20 14:29:00 ET

I'm right Bio, so stop playing innocent. The NY Dept. of Health and I both know you're a sick fuck who likes fat chicks.

2003-05-20 14:31:23 ET

Man, I love the NY Dept. of Health.
<3 Free Clinics <3.

Fuckers. So confusing.

2003-05-20 14:31:41 ET

You do not take donations from small, Eastern European girls?


2003-05-20 14:32:50 ET


Only because the size juxtaposition is priceless.

2003-05-20 14:40:13 ET

I do make a wonderful Christmas tree ornament.

If that wasn't straightforward then, neither were you that time at Batcave

Damn me...your water..my drugs.

2003-05-20 14:47:18 ET

You can be the li'l cyber-dreaded club kid on the top of my Jewish Christmas tree!

If you want a piece of Bio, you're going to have to take him out to dinner first.
I'm sick ov being treated like a piece ov meat.

2003-05-20 14:52:00 ET

I've grown to like it.

2003-05-20 14:55:21 ET

The only people who get free rides are obviously gothik fat chicks.

2003-05-20 14:58:21 ET

I did tummy crunches to Feindflug today. I fear to fall into that category.

Looks like I only have my uber spoookay gothness working for me now.

2003-05-20 15:10:57 ET

::wriggles like a fucking eel::

goth goth goth goth goht GOHTOGHGOHTht.

Man. Azrael never invites me over for dinner or nothin'.
I mean, I could be like "y0, Az-Trigs!"
And he could be all `Yo! I'm making a delicious pot pie. Come on over and have some."
And I could go have some.

2003-05-20 15:13:31 ET

Can't you just see Azrael bent over a hot stove?
Bio showing up at the door in a suit, bearing flowers?
The two sharing delicious pot pie avec candles?

ahhhh. Brooklyn luvvvvvvvv

2003-05-20 15:20:40 ET



2003-05-20 15:23:23 ET

All Bio ever wants from people is food. I saw it in action. Bio showed up at Bill's house and immediately stuck his nose in the fridge. Doesn't that mother of yours feed you???

Maybe you should stick with the fat chicks... you can, uh, eat together... or something.

2003-05-20 15:25:08 ET

Fat chicks don't eat much on date 'cause they like to hide the fact they are fat by not eating. Or ordering something light like the salad or soup.

And Bill's house is the designated hang out spot, and the designated food spot. And even much more that day 'cause I hadn't ate since 1:00 PM EST. And pillsbury rolls are so delicious.

2003-05-20 15:57:08 ET

hahaaaaa! this is too good :)

2003-05-20 18:15:24 ET

you kids are a nightmare


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