wake of destruction
2003-05-27 07:07:05 ET

weekend update: friday, rocked the chelsea piers for a friends graduation/birthday get together. which was good. then hitched a ride out to q's. more good times. it was storm's birthday bash, part2 i believe. racked at DChaus. woke up as a refugee. after breaking some of DC's plates and drinking out of a wonton soup container. then LC show on saturday which was on point. they sounded amazing. the vocals were definately on point. storms birthday bash part3. we all got smashed, both nights. sunday was a chill day at home with my computer, trying desperately to get some work done for my presentation thursday. was too assed out to concentrate much. monday, back out to NJ to prep for the show, dropped off the EP inserts, picked up the show backing CD...so that i can rehearse. everything is coming together. everyone come out and support SYMBIOTIC. the show is gonna rip. saturday, qxt's, we go on at 10:30. then for anyone who cares, prick will play. also: just for our first show, our EP's will be a special price, $5. cant beat that...seven tracks of tasty goodness. plus sticker give-aways. door: $10, $8 with a pass. sorry to all my peeps, they are not offering us a comp list. but come out anyway!!!!

2003-05-27 08:14:21 ET

of course we're coming, brat!

::looks around for white shirts and sharpies::

2003-05-27 08:46:07 ET

LOL! you broke like six of their plates and then left them in the dishwasher. i love you gus.

sorry i'm gonna miss the show. Someone tape it please!

2003-05-27 09:12:53 ET

insomnia: cool beans

NP: it just wont be the same without you! im trying to figure out if anyone can tape it...

2003-05-27 10:55:29 ET

Bastards, I'll make them comp me.

I'll be there.
Bells on.
Representing Symbiotic.
Old school style.

I'll trade you a limited edition Mekhanikal EP for a Symbiotic EP. :]

2003-05-27 11:31:35 ET

dude, talk to jarv...he's in charge of the merch. since he fronted all the money for it

2003-05-27 11:34:04 ET

It's all good. Nobody wants a Mekhanikal EP, anyways.
Only 1 is in existance and it's a limited edition of 3.
And Len owns it. And he pronounces it, "Mekh - aww-nih-k-aww-l."


2003-05-27 11:39:08 ET

i give you props every day

2003-05-27 11:42:33 ET

I'll give you ten empty Bawls bottles for one CD, Bio.

2003-05-27 11:45:11 ET

Shhh. Props in writing next to tall girls and Damian. HA. Psssh.

That sounds like a FAIR DEAL, Insomnia.
Man, limited edition CDRs are the best.
I have to get a stack of 3"CDRs so I can have limited edition 3"CDRs.,

2003-05-27 12:01:20 ET

lol. i want the mekhankial limited edition cd.


well i hope you get someone to tape it Gus. I don't wnat to miss this.

2003-05-27 12:06:23 ET

hell yea dude, the show is gonna be HOT!

2003-05-27 12:28:04 ET


i'll donate a camera if I have to, just someone be kind enough to record this for posterity sake.

2003-05-27 12:28:38 ET

2003-05-27 12:30:51 ET

Fucking Vikings.

2003-05-27 12:38:08 ET

they are everywhere!

2003-05-27 22:06:24 ET

everyone come out to the show, itll be hot, i guarantee!

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