when gods clash, its men who die
2003-05-29 11:06:05 ET

finally finished the lyrics to 'wake of destruction' hehe, one day to spare. now the hard part...trying to memorize it in time!

burning towers falling
a world divided must pay this price
fallen symbols burning
fires of rage reflected in our eyes

reflected in our eyes

shock, awe, an eye for an eye
the dogs of war are hungry for life
shock, awe, an eye for an eye
when gods clash, its men who die

its men who die

aftermath of ashes
only memories left to sanctify
death takes flight
a flock of ravens takes to the skies
the blood of innocent lives
fuel for this deconstruction
everything must crumble and fall
in the wake, the wake of destruction

2003-05-29 11:08:51 ET

o0o0o0o0o, i like it. Very nice!

2003-05-29 11:13:59 ET

thanks! are you coming out to our show?

2003-05-29 11:20:13 ET

lol where's it at?

2003-05-29 11:33:38 ET

I like it very much! :)

2003-05-29 11:35:26 ET

PE: its in QXT's in newark


DP: thanks!

2003-05-29 12:03:53 ET



2003-05-29 12:52:33 ET

nice dude, that track has massive balls .. totally.

2003-05-29 16:08:02 ET

I would go, had i the money, and transportation to get there....since it is like....a million miles away.

2003-05-29 16:39:57 ET

I wrote that song.

2003-05-29 18:46:17 ET

storm: i am not a hippy, i am a hardcore rivet freak...lol

DC: its gonna rip

PE: yea, i didnt realize you were in TX...i grew up there

bio: thanks for giving it to me

2003-05-30 05:10:50 ET

o0o0o0...really? where at?

2003-05-30 22:30:34 ET


2003-05-31 12:41:54 ET

ohhhh...my brother is moving to houston. I live near Austin.

2003-06-01 08:29:25 ET

nice! ive never been to austin, but my friends tell me its a good time

2003-06-01 10:54:19 ET

Yeah, there's a lot to do in Austin.

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