my thoughts on the show
2003-06-02 10:17:38 ET

first off, i'd like to thank all the people who came out and reprezented. you guys rock. thanks to DC for climbing the pole while singing 'slave' [also for being my vocal processor tech] thanks to the people who bought CD's. the money we made from the show will go to making shirts. and thanks to damian for booking us.

i had a tremendous time on stage, it was really really fun. the crowd response was really awesome, though i wish people had shown a bit more energy. but it was good considering the vast majority of people there had never heard us before. it was a pleasure sharing the stage with kaliss, don, chris and jarv. we overcame adversities...last minute EQing, memorizing lyrics, getting my computer to output properly, fussing with the effects...but in the end, all the stress was worth it. ive played my fair share of shows, but this one will always have a special place in me.

i couldnt be happier with the outcome of the show and our debut EP. it feels good to be a part of symbiotic. and i feel appreciative to all those that contributed or supported us these past few months. and this is just the beginning, i promise. bigger and better things will hopefully be on the horizon for us. and without you guys, we couldnt exist, so thanks again. <3

2003-06-02 10:23:54 ET

you did a killer job bro, totally impressed me ;) keep that shit up homie!

2003-06-02 10:29:48 ET

thanks dude...but you totally stole the show. all i know is no one stuffed dollars into my shorts!

2003-06-02 10:34:04 ET

hah, i also listened to the new mixes of the tracks .. on the ep that is .. the new versions are alot better, props to jarv yo, it sounds damn good .. although i still need a copy! hah, i had to listen to the roomates copies!

2003-06-02 11:07:03 ET

dude, dont worry..jarv will hook you up next time you see him. just remind his ass

2003-06-02 11:11:15 ET

sweet! im sure we will party this weekend ..

an for the record, i didnt steal anything, hah, you an jarv wrote the song .. i just helped deliver the message!

2003-06-02 11:19:35 ET

no doubt...i was just quoting bio...he's the one that said you stole the show!

anyway, thanks again...we couldnt have done it without you

2003-06-02 11:40:54 ET

hell yea, anytime bro!

2003-06-02 14:43:35 ET

Where's my digital footage of the whole thing, eh?

2003-06-02 15:36:55 ET

alas, no one taped the show. its really quite a shame, it was a riot!

2003-06-02 15:47:04 ET

Man, I feel really good being a part of Symbiotic too...

2003-06-02 15:50:07 ET

Damnation. I expect some next time :)

2003-06-02 15:52:19 ET

dude! my little brother an my mom are also a part of symbiotic! they are excited to rip shit up with gus in the near future!

hahahah! ;)

2003-06-02 15:53:50 ET

It's a good thing I'm part of Life Cried too, or Symbiotic would soak up all my time, dammit.
Yeah yo... your mom RIPS

2003-06-02 15:54:55 ET

haha, thats true, everyone is part of symbiotic!

2003-06-02 15:56:59 ET

haha, game on!

2003-06-02 16:23:35 ET

Oh fuck! I can't play fake keys for L[C] now?
Next time I'll remember to buy an EP.

I wanted to start a Symbiotic pit but I couldn't find it in me to push people I didn't know around.

2003-06-02 16:41:20 ET

Next time I am stuffing dollars into Az's pants. But Az, baby, you're gonna have to wear looser fitting clothing. . .

2003-06-02 16:49:12 ET

bio: it wasnt that crowded!

insomnia: i take checks also

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