state of the art destructive capabilities
2003-06-04 11:50:40 ET

pics from the show at qxt's 5.31 are now posted in the images section. check them out!

2003-06-04 12:07:48 ET

looks good, dude. :)

2003-06-04 12:10:31 ET

thanks axo!

2003-06-04 12:11:50 ET

great photographs, who took them?

2003-06-04 12:13:26 ET

my friend matt...who also designed the site

2003-06-04 12:21:48 ET

nice. they look fucking great. as does the site.

2003-06-04 12:23:47 ET

thanks! i'll pass along the praise

2003-06-04 13:05:30 ET

sweet page dude ;)

2003-06-04 14:17:19 ET

great pics!
great site!

2003-06-04 14:19:42 ET

DC: thanks bro, too bad he didnt get any of you pole-climbing

Blu: thanks!

2003-06-04 14:29:48 ET

The site is fucking Sic dude. The pictures are bad ass too.

2003-06-04 14:30:08 ET

its all good, storm got some shots of it, hah, ill scan them when she gets em developed, lol

2003-06-04 15:00:46 ET

NE: thanks bro

DC: nice!

2003-06-04 16:39:51 ET

Gus, please take your offstage promo pics when you are AWAKE. ok thx.

2003-06-04 17:06:30 ET

Hahahah, seriously, sleeeepppy Gus pics!!!

I'm totally using a Gus pic as my desktop image. :]

2003-06-04 17:21:43 ET

insomnia: i was trying to look cool

bio: nice, me too!

2003-06-04 17:31:33 ET

There's a 1 out of 12 chance now that when I log on I will be greeted with ANGRY GUS!!!!!!!

Or Rael. :]

2003-06-04 18:47:49 ET

1/12! we'll need to increase the odds somehow

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