down ass bitch
2003-06-09 12:48:40 ET

another party weekend has come and gone. time to buckle down and do some serious work, all of my book projects are heating up. life cried/noisex this weekend. need to catch up on my sleep. gotta start promoting the hell out of the EP now that its finally finished. if anyone has suggestions on labels or zines, please post them here. or if anyone knows DJs likely to spin it in a club, i'll pass on some copies to you.

in other news, i like the 242 EP. im sick of looking at dildos. i need an external hard drive desperately. i need to start eating better. i need to catch up on my reading. gatorade is good. potato chips are good. 50cent is good. and going home is good...something i'm about to do very soon. peace!

2003-06-09 12:53:23 ET

you get to go home you lucky bastard, im still stuck here for a few more hours :P

2003-06-09 12:56:10 ET

sorry bro...i know it sucks being at work. if it makes you feel any better, i'll probably have to some work at home.

2003-06-09 12:58:26 ET

hahah, all good homie! you looked like you needed rest this weekend anyway, hah

2003-06-09 14:00:48 ET

One day I'll come over and you can cook me dinner, Gus.

softball tomorrow?

2003-06-09 14:26:54 ET

thats right bro...5:30

2003-06-09 14:35:49 ET


The epic battle between good and somewhat more or less good continues.



tix 25USD for adults.
20USD for kids.

2003-06-09 15:46:56 ET

Seriously? I wish I wasn't workin'

2003-06-10 07:30:35 ET

bio: im the good right?

insomnia: cut out

2003-06-10 15:35:17 ET

Making me somewhat more or less good.


2003-06-10 18:12:08 ET

you were better than i at softball

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