life seems so empty without you
2003-06-12 12:06:44 ET

sometimes, standing in the rain is good for you
sometimes, not being able to sleep is good
sometimes, its good to reflect on the past
sometimes, you have to face your demons

sometimes, you dont know how good you have it
sometimes, its hard to be real
sometimes, doing nothing is best
sometimes, you wonder where your life went

in other news, went to the yankee game last night. watched houston no-hit the yanks. regardless of who won, i would have been fine with it. i grew up in houston and i live in ny. will be out to LC/noisex...for a bit. i'll probably skip out after LC. work keeps chugging along. i've reached a time of some importance in my career. i can either do really well, or blow it. i hope i do really well, but in the end, its really up to me. a lot of people refuse to take responsibility for themselves...i hope i am not one of those people.

'pale sun rising again, to this illusion you awake
saturate, soul exposed, color burnt out, you can blink no more
welcome to the kingdom, the king is dead
serpent lies thrashing without a head'

2003-06-12 12:23:58 ET

im sure you will do what you gotta, you're not gonna blow it! good luck with all that though .. an sweet neuroplague quote, you know i used to rock that shit, hah ;)

2003-06-12 12:43:17 ET

haha, you totally called me out on NP

2003-06-12 14:05:56 ET

We'll miss you whilst we're out and about.

But, Christ, bro, I think you know where your priorities lie.

2003-06-12 16:20:33 ET

have fun dude. i'll see you guys at LC

2003-06-12 18:09:02 ET

You can't leave the show w/out giving me the booty (the booty we discussed over PM's)

2003-06-13 06:51:17 ET

my booty's got your name on it

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