and looking out to a different sky
2003-06-17 08:52:15 ET

EDIT: best wishes to insomnia!

LC put on a great show this past saturday. i may be slightly biased but i feel they spanked noisex. i enjoyed myself. the path on the way to Q's and the way back to new york was wack. i went to hoboken for no reason TWICE. not much to report. been working alot. and i am flat broke. i probably will have to stay in this weekend. i need a break anyway. fathers day was ok, went to the rents place. got my dad his favorite: johnny walker black. re-reading heart of darkness. one of my favorites. uh-oh, gotta drop a quick duece. peace!

2003-06-17 11:16:15 ET

hahah! you crack me up bro .. lol

2003-06-17 16:53:13 ET

dude, YOU crack me up!

goblins dont hang out!

2003-06-17 21:59:28 ET

fuck no they dont, .. hahah

... and if you dont know, now you KNOW!

2003-06-18 06:03:36 ET

yea, they are too busy chopping down trees to hang out

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