roccO alert!
2003-06-25 06:04:35 ET

2003-06-25 13:03:28 ET

Who *IS* that guy?

2003-06-25 13:13:23 ET

a porn star, apparantly

2003-06-25 13:14:34 ET

*dumb Polish grin* Is he real? :P

2003-06-25 13:15:21 ET

NEVERMIND..I just read it.

2003-06-25 13:18:47 ET

its for entertainment purposes only

2003-06-25 13:31:00 ET


I have ..slowly established that.

2003-06-25 14:01:27 ET

silly pineapple

2003-06-26 08:31:51 ET

haha i found rocc0 forever ago when my pervert friend posted the link in his LJ and then i spread it and the rest is goddamn history..His LJ has been spread around like a slut!

When i saw his entries at first i just could NOT stop laughing my goddamn ass off!!

2003-06-26 08:48:36 ET

its very entertaining

2003-06-26 08:59:07 ET

too bad he doesnt update very often...

i'm pretty sure its a joke but even still, its hilarious!
everyone should read/see rocc0!!

2003-06-26 09:25:07 ET

i couldnt agree more

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