2003-07-03 07:52:58 ET

this guy turns 21. the game is official

2003-07-03 10:56:34 ET

Me, too.

2003-07-03 12:48:21 ET

yea, in 5 years

2003-07-03 13:03:23 ET

No, actually, next Wednesday I will be turning 21.

2003-07-03 13:40:43 ET

what difference does it make...you never inebriate yourself

2003-07-03 13:54:54 ET

Uhhh, I inebriate myself with your love.

2003-07-03 14:32:22 ET

hows it lookin for 'shock&awe'?

2003-07-03 15:10:03 ET

Pretty good, considering Bill doesn't want to go to Pyramid and I'm not too sure about Q's.

2003-07-03 15:31:52 ET

prusik mentioned something about a ride

2003-07-03 15:38:15 ET

I don't know how I feel about riding with drunken Prusik (on the way back).
'cause definitely everyone will be at Q's (that I know).
So Downtime may not be worth it (for me).
Who knows. Contact with Prusik and make sure to make notice that I exist.

2003-07-08 12:13:11 ET

how did i miss this?! lol

2003-07-08 18:22:04 ET

I'm turning 21 tomorrow.

2003-07-08 22:52:38 ET

i heard! thats awsome! ill buy you a drink if you bring the narcotics!

2003-07-09 06:12:51 ET

When do I not have the narcotics?

P.S. Happy birthday to me.

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