2003-07-04 08:10:26 ET

i am tendering an open invite to all who wish to see the fireworks up close and personal-like. my roof...sundown. let me know if any wish to attend.

DC's birthday celebration part2 was on point. viva life

2003-07-04 09:06:19 ET

i wish to attend!

but, you know... I'm here... and not there... so... damnit.

2003-07-04 09:07:50 ET

awww...maybe next time ;-)

2003-07-04 09:09:17 ET

haha... maybe!

2003-07-04 10:53:51 ET

I also wish to attend..but I'm in Canada :( Oh well I got to see bitchin fireworks on July 1st at the Falls.

2003-07-04 11:04:16 ET

1) I have to defeat you at videogames.
2) I may be there, I may not. Chances are not, unless Bill dies.

2003-07-04 11:30:19 ET

insubordinate: i wish you could attend also...but it seems you've already had your fair share. so greedy =)

bio: the chances of bill dying are remote at best

2003-07-04 13:43:25 ET

Yeah, he's definitely invincible and he's definitely preying on young girls.

Q's two nights in a row ... good luck, bro.

2003-07-04 14:02:36 ET

yea...not too thrilled about it...i allegedly made a promise to be there

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