2003-07-08 10:12:06 ET

picked up the new delerium today...pretty solid. give it a thumbs up, its got a nice feel to it...but it doesnt have the standout tracks like poem or the conjure one album. i'm having a delerium marathon...listening from semantic spaces through chimera...and even the bonus disks, which i normally dont rock much. i havent had a chance to check out the videos on the bonus disk for chimera yet...

in other news, the weekend was all about DC turning into an official lush. good times were had by all. well except by bio who refuses to have fun. i am swamped with work. its all too much. i need to find a nice cushy job where i dont have to do any actual real work. sigh.

2003-07-08 10:47:05 ET

::waxes mustache::

Could be worse, I could start crying at club and demanding attention. ; )

2003-07-08 10:59:36 ET

you need to pick up more sluts

2003-07-08 11:05:48 ET

No, I'm celibate.
Freakin'. Motherfuckin'. Celibate.

2003-07-08 11:26:25 ET

me too! being celibate is fun

2003-07-08 11:47:55 ET

Yeah. It's the freakin' best.

2003-07-08 11:48:23 ET

its the sweet tatse of freedom

2003-07-08 12:15:15 ET

i had mad fun bro, thanks for coming out ;)

2003-07-08 12:29:16 ET

hehe, you were so gone dude...probably not more than usual...but i was actually pretty sober so it seemed like it was the most drunk i've ever seen you

2003-07-08 12:30:42 ET

yea, i was pretty faced bro, lol

2003-07-08 14:30:47 ET

though you did cut yourself off a couple of times...

2003-07-10 05:14:18 ET

i heard one of the tracks offa that album, I dont know it just sounded like the last 3 albums.

is there club playable stuff on it?

2003-07-10 05:54:29 ET

no, not at all!

we'll have to wait for the unending stream of techno/house/rave remixes which i am sure are in the works as we speak

but anyway, i really like the progression...though in a way, semantic spaces is still the most pure. everything that came after was bill trying to make a buck. but i cant really blame him...he needs his retirement fund =)

2003-07-11 04:46:50 ET

I enjoy the idea of job with no work...
in fact, I know some people like that here at the embassy

2003-07-11 05:22:05 ET


2003-07-17 17:26:26 ET

whoa..I had a delerium marathon 2 days ago

2003-07-17 17:53:16 ET

yep, i have a newfound appreciation of semantic spaces

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