2004-01-07 10:56:12 ET

HA !! dresser - 0 ginny - 1

i totally 0wned the dresser. as in. crowbar to the sucker. i busted out these ugly ugly panels of bamboo weaving. gonna replace them with some acrylic. Mmm. got the last coat of paint on it too. its all purdy and black.

my hours tonight got cut. so i'll only be up at work for like 1.5 seconds. well something close to that. and to think the other day they wanted me to work through instead of having a lunch. :/

my mom got laid off from her job. which totally sucks. that place is in flames. or soon will be. thankfully her boss loves her and when he gets let go he's gonn abring my mom to where ever he goes. hopefully everything will work out. gonna help her get her resume up to a bunch of webpages.

i get to register for school today too. gonan take speech and english. + colour and advanced black and white. thinking about registering for winter too now. we'll see.

2004-01-07 11:05:11 ET

hope yer mom gets re-employed soon.

can you see the floor in your room yet? :P

2004-01-07 11:12:59 ET

furniture projects=much fun

a big squeeze to yer Mom.

2004-01-07 14:48:43 ET

You are 2 damn kool (dresser thing)

2004-01-07 16:16:28 ET

im so sorry for your mom, best wishes to her finding a better job. also, speech is scary :( :( :(

2004-01-07 22:54:54 ET

yah i hope she gets unemployed too. my parents already started fighting this evening. having them both at work makes things soo much easier. mostly because they aren't around each other nor around anyone else to get in a fight with. plus the more time they aren't here the less time i have to hear about them bitching about the house being dirty, dishes, the giant spider located on the ceiling, monkeys, and the like.

fear my insane dresser powers.

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