2004-01-12 20:30:12 ET

after a rather boring day at work i'm hoome. i wanna do something. but its late. brian is working. and i've got a bit of the sleepy head. which is unfortunite cause that will really cut me out from doing anything at all. what i need is a clone of brian to cuddle with while he's working. i'd cuddle with the ferret, but he just wants to run and play and be nuts. i guess i'll just finish modding my sweater and then start a new scarf. seeing that i dropped like 5 stitches in a row on the magenta one. :/

its ok though. cause i'm learning. i want bigger kneedles and i want neon green yarn.

i've started doing pilates. but we'll see how long this lasts. if in two weeks i'm still doing it. i'll be rather proud. i need to get my ass in gear. i need more muscle.

2004-01-12 20:38:10 ET

knitting & piletes..you are the altimate womwn.

2004-01-12 20:43:21 ET

lol i try to be. i figure eventually i'll have kids and i'm gonna want to knit them all sorts of stuff.

2004-01-12 20:44:42 ET

you could practice on me..or just adopt me. think of all the outfits

2004-01-12 20:46:25 ET

lol. once i get god, i promise cool knitted things like sweaters with bats. :D

2004-01-12 20:47:08 ET


2004-01-12 20:48:19 ET

i wanna do pilates but all the ymca classes are at like 9am. for soccer moms. im not a soccer mom.

2004-01-13 07:43:21 ET

how cool! vinny is taking pilates this spring semester.

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