2004-01-15 15:37:40 ET

a round about kind of way.

last night i had a dream that my ferret was the size of speck. speck = my large moose sized dog. so it was quite funny. especially walking him.

today i threw up. i've noticed this is like a twice a month thing. :/ last night i had my last night of work. thank god. which was great. ate at mels, watched things get akward and then went to watch cabin fever. which is the worse film ever. yet. quite funny.

listerine + penis = no zombie.

i have nothing to type about really. bleh.

2004-01-15 15:56:15 ET

Moose sized ferret..... thats hilarious.

2004-01-15 16:07:44 ET

"listerine + penis = no zombie."

that made me laugh.

2004-01-15 16:19:08 ET

you should see the film. poor ryder strong.

2004-01-18 15:14:13 ET

"ate at mels, watched things get akward"

ain't that the truth

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